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Teams to Replace UH, Cincinnati, and UCF?


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Re: Teams to Replace UH, Cincinnati, and UCF?

http://www.ponyfans.com/phpBB3/styles/we_clearblue/imageset/icon_post_target.gifby Topper » Fri Sep 03, 2021 7:17 pm

We need to be in a conference with at least one other Texas school. UTEP and Rice come to mind. I also think that UTSA has potential in the long run.
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First, we might as well all get the NCAA past out of our minds because it will no longer exists.  It won’t exist because of this new upcoming Super Conferences format that OU & UT’s Big 12 departure set in motion.  Not sure the  projected 12 team NCAA playoff even exists anymore.  Read somewhere that that was now doubtful. 

 Still.....to me the only path for North Texas to ever have control of its destiny or future & not have SMU keep looking over its shoulders (because they are) to see what we’re doing or to block us out of where they do not want us to be is for UNT to cast its future into being a “P5” Major Independent.  Not next year or year after next but as a planned path to work toward & eventually get UNT out of all this G5 low-revenue producing hodge podge.  There’s no future with all the chicken bones the P5’s will be leaving G5’s to fight over.  

Problem now is I don’t think the P5 powers-that-be have even established a criteria for G5 discontents (who want much better) & to ever have a path to seek a P5 Independent existence.  Legally, I’d think they’d have to eventually create a criteria because otherwise they’d be saying no aspiring G5 school will ever be allowed into their Super Conference country club.   

Several AD’s at aspiring G5 schools who have resources, prime locations, burgeoning enrollments & who would attempt a  P5 Indy’ status would in the future probably have many AD tele-conferences (with a lawyer in attendance) to see what possibilities there could be with each other’s schools even for a basic P5 Indy home schedule with each other.  

IMO, no aspiring G5 school would ever want to do any of this P5 Indy-seeking by themselves.  Wonder if Boise State, Army, Navy, Air Force, San Diego St, USM (& yes) UTSA & UAB would want to better themselves?  I think they would.  P5 Indy Criteria?  Wagering that a 40,000 seat minimum stadium would be at the top of a P5 Indy lists.

It’s just a way for 10 or more aspiring G5 schools with 40,000 seat stadiums to say—Just try to force us into a meaningless, non-revenue producing NCAA oblivion.  

••• UNT power donors would probably  eventually hear from a very progressive UNT AD (we know one now in Denton) as to tell him to continue researching this whole P5 Indy’ possibility. 


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UTSA, La Tech, Rice, Marshall are all ahead of us given SMU, recent history. I think our best hope is that we pair up with UTEP and head to MWC. Assuming the 2-3 of the schools come from C-USA, I want no part of what's left behind.

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10 hours ago, golfingomez said:

i don't know how the Big 12 will maintain the P5 status with their future lineup, i think the biggest news out of all of this is that BYU is joining a conference, beyond that, it just seems meh

You have schools that are currently ranked in football and Baylor just won a national championship. The new conference will be very strong in basketball. Shocked Memphis not involved.

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11 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

If they go to 16 I would think in addition to BYU/UH/UCF/Cin they would add Memphis and maybe USF

If they go 16 AAC is dead. The remnants join up with SBC and CUSA in a larger conference you'd think? Big blow to SMU's ego, but they'll be unhappy regardless of picking up what's left.

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9 minutes ago, MrAlien said:

If the AAC looses those schools then the conference will fall behind C_USA and the Sun Belt.  Might even be hard for the conference to survive, and I would expect ESPN would want to renegotiate their media deal.  

Maybe Sun Belt, definitely not CUSA

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13 hours ago, golfingomez said:

i don't know how the Big 12 will maintain the P5 status with their future lineup

It ought to be clear that there will be no more single P5 / G5 separation anymore.  FBS will now be in tiers:

Tier 1: SEC

Tier 1.5: The "Alliance" - B1G, PAC, ACC

Tier 2: Big 12 (or whatever they end up calling it)

Tier 3: American Conference (if it still exists), MWC

Tier 4: Sun Belt, MAC, C-USA

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55 minutes ago, MeanGreenTeeth said:

Tech fans are the worst in the world...

Without a doubt.    They're the most roach-like fanbase ever.     Every once in a while you see one or two out and about, and they're annoying as heck.
Let them somehow win some games and get some buzz...  Somehow 1000's of them come out of the woodwork and just overrun everything that's great about College Football in Texas.

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1 hour ago, MeanGreenTeeth said:

Tech fans are the worst in the world...

Years ago, in the last year of the Big XII, the players were surveyed about who had the worst fans in the conference. Not surprisingly, Colorado, ranked very high (no pun intended) at 18%. If you know anyone from the Old Big Eight, they would regale you with lots of tales from the CU fans and the way they treated others--IOW, it was awful.


CU was second on the list...to Texas Tech.



By half. Tech got 36% of the replies from the players...


They are truly awful. LSU, CU, WVU, and Wisconsin are all considered the worst in the other power conferences, but its impossible for me to imagine any of them being worse than Tech.

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2 hours ago, ColoradoEagle said:

SMU doesn't have veto power, lol. We're well ahead of those schools in a hypothetical conference realignment. UTSA doesn't even have their own football stadium. UTSA, Marshall, and La Tech (especially the last two) run on a Sun Belt level athletic budget. UTEP is in a no man's land travel-wise, and is not enticing to anyone. Rice Stadium is always embarrassing on TV and they haven't had a winning season in 7 years.

There's no telling what will happen with all of this. That said, we're in a better position than a lot of people think, just not the position we could ideally be in.



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