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57 minutes ago, greenminer said:

The most iconic unis in all of CFB are boring.  What do I take from this? There is more to the appreciation/aesthetic of this than just visual flare.  Things like nostalgia and history come into play.

Uniforms are iconic only because they are recognizable. They are only recognizable because they are consistent.

Ours are not because we allow people to constantly jack with the colors and the logos of our branding. The issue is so prevalent that our actual uniforms are seldom ever seen.

This clustermess is what's seen by recruits, prospective students, and sports fans across the nation. 

Doubt me? Then please show me a single picture of our actual uniforms in Texas Football or any other 2021 season previews. Nothing, not a single picture of our uniforms, just a hodgepodge of gimmick colors and throwback costume logos. They may be cute, as I can see all of you fawning over the adorable photos, but they are not our branding and they do very little to promote the university. To the rest of the country viewing these on television, they scream "generic unknown college" with totally unrecognizable logos.

If we really are just going to just strive for cute and trendy, then why don't we put a picture of Baby Yoda on our helmets? He's both adorable and some shade of green.

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10 minutes ago, meanrob said:

Adler coming in hot!

I do agree we should have a home and away uni and maybe one alternate a year. I’m not a fan of the constant changes. Also I’m admitted worshipper of the all whites. 

Having said that, I only care about uni talk when we are winning. Right now my Mean Green brain pan is more worried about not giving up fifty and having a consistent QB. 

Also, when the old MGC wanted to do a flying worm shirt Helwig laughed at the idea. At least we don’t laugh at our (glorious) past anymore. 

Well said Rob.

I too like the Flying Worm unis, but firmly believe that we need to restrict how often that alternative uniforms are used, and never for road games or bowl games. 

We should start by burning the unlucky dishwater duds.

Edited by ADLER
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18 hours ago, Salsa_Verde said:

I will say…if we had the candy apple green pants or jerseys it would be awesome.  

Someone once asked Hayden Fry what shade of green that was and his answer was "It's MEAN GREEN". He also said that it was the color of winning. 

My wife (a TWU grad) was not a big fan of the color.  Just about every time she sees it, she brings up this clip from "American Graffiti"............https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Youtube+"American+Graffiti+famous+clips+"piss+yellow+and+puke+green"&&view=detail&mid=8CCE05B232C3A979BE268CCE05B232C3A979BE26&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3DYoutube%20%22American%20Graffiti%20famous%20clips%20%22piss%20yellow%20and%20puke%20green%22%26%26FORM%3DVDVVXX

She thinks that "Falfa" (aka Harrison Ford) nailed it.

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On 9/1/2021 at 5:35 PM, ADLER said:

Oh, and we can put the North Texas Squirrel on our helmets for one game every season.


That too would be very, very, cute.

The University of North Texas - Dallas - Degree Programs, Accreditation,  Application, Tuition & Financial Aid

And maybe we can play one game per season with uniforms representing our Dallas branch campus.



No we should play them in basketball as to establish dominance as the preeminent North Texas….uhhh….of Dallas 😅🥴

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On 9/1/2021 at 4:29 PM, ADLER said:

If we really are just going to just strive for cute and trendy, then why don't we put a picture of Baby Yoda on our helmets? He's both adorable and some shade of green.

Holy Smokes! It looks like the university took me literally. We can't get our logos and school colors on merchandise, but we sure as hell can get Baby Yoda on black and green stadium blankets.

Are helmets next?

NORTH TEXAS MEAN GREEN Baby Yoda Custom Name Quilt Q003CTNCAA34 M6BTH0259


CAUTION - this web site is quite possibly a scam


Edited by ADLER
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So does anyone know why we gave up the "Flying Worm"? With so many schools having eagles as a mascot it was the only one that separated us from the crowd. While I like our "eagle wings" they look nearly identical to the Oregon Ducks.

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