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DRC: It's time for the annual "Get Your Rear on the Record" contest

Brett Vito

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I could see the defense losing confidence after smu torches us for 60, and this thing spiraling…but will remain optimistic that Phil won’t lose them entirely and we start to show progress late in the season.

Using Phil’s time at Baylor as a comparison, his first 2 seasons there the defense gave up 37 points per game and finished 113th overall.  In his third season they jumped up to allowing just 23 points per game. They won the conference that year.  After that he had them in the 24-28pts allowed per game range.  The hope here is that the turnaround will happen quicker, but I think next year is the earliest we should expect a big jump up.  We should match up better with our conference mates in terms of talent than Baylor did when he first got there.

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I think I'll finally venture a guess...   It's optimistic as heck, and is assuming the defense improves IMMENSELY.

Wins:  NWSt., UABorLATech(not both), Marshall, Rice, SoMiss, UTEP, FIU.

We're going to roll into the UTSA game on a 4-game win streak with a winning record already clinched, which is good.

Of course, NT is going to get a crap draw in our bowl game against a team that is ranked or near-ranked & lose.  Hopefully it wont be as bad as the last 3 bowl losses.

If Defense still sucks, just not as bad, we're going to win 5 games & UTSA is going to relish crushing our Bowl dreams.

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This year I'm actually more concerned about the mental fortitude of the team rather than any type of talent deficiency.  As everyone knows, looming across the first month and a half of the season is the very plausible scenario that we start the season 1-6.  The high water mark is probably 3-4, but that is highly unlikely.  If you are predicting anything better than that for the first seven games, then you, my friend, have been imbibing more green kool-aid than the law allows. 

The question then in my mind is if the coaches will lose the team when they are sitting at 1-6 or 2-5.  I'll say they'll keep everyone focused and will rattle off a few wins.  So, I'll officially predict that we will go into the UTSA game with a chance at bowl eligibility but ultimately end up 5-7.  Given the past couple seasons, I would be OK with this, as it would mean that every single game up until the end was meaningful.

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1 hour ago, greenb.o.g. said:


... because of the buyout, along with overall better effort and some close losses, Seth Littrell keeps his job.


The defense will be better later in the season, as the competition level drops down to where we are right now. But that 6 games that follow the FCS opener are just brutal for where we are now.

4 wins, sadly, gets SL a return--the buyout is just too high, IMO. NW State, Marshall at home in an upset, @ Rice, and UTEP--that's my 4 wins Im predicting.

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