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Tre Siggers Update

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On 8/23/2021 at 2:21 PM, GOMeanGO said:

I have no ill will against Aune, I just know that if he is QB that we wont win more than 5 or 6 games at best.

It sounds like Ruder is gonna pass him, anyways, but man! what a combative take.  It's like you're inviting argument.

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On 8/24/2021 at 11:02 PM, greenminer said:

It sounds like Ruder is gonna pass him, anyways, but man! what a combative take.  It's like you're inviting argument.

Since when is telling it like I see it a combative take? Aune isnt that great. Everyone should have known Ruder would more than likely start.

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15 hours ago, DentonStang said:

Local (in a certain way) kid made good Siggers clocked another 86 yards and a TD in SMU'S 41-17 victory over USF. 


SMU and Siggers now ranked #24.


Congrats Tre!

Why didn't SMU's star RB Bentley play?


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5 hours ago, DentonStang said:

Ankle sprain vs TCU, and Siggers & Levine really didn't need any help

Thank you. Although I was repulsed that Tre chose to transfer to that particular school, I get why he picked it. Now that we don’t play that school again, I wish Tre nothing but the best. I hope he sets some records or gets some accolades. I also hope the rest of their players get humbled week in and week out.

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On 9/25/2021 at 5:01 PM, UNTLifer said:

We don’t care. 

I wish Siggers no ill will but I 100% completely agree with the sentiment.  Tough talented guy who battle his way back from injuries good on him.  Do I really want hear about him in the MEAN GREEN FORUM beyond vs SMU week?  Hell Naw.

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    • By meangreen11
      For simplicity let's look at it like this:   UT and OU are going to the SEC period end of story.  A&M may not like it but they are one vote.   The remaining Big 12 leftovers are going to try their very best to land in a P5 conference.  They are all in a disasterous situation but landing in a P5 at least gives them some semblance of hope.   Kansas has a great basketball program but their football sucks.  Could they be in the Big 10 for hoops sure - they would fit in fine but not in a million years for football. Texas Tech is talking PAC12 but does the PAC12 want their sub par academics?  Do Tech fans want to travel out west?   Baylor is talking ACC, and the ACC may like an entre into Texas but do Clemson and those types of programs want to travel into Waco?    TCU and Baylor may want to be in the PAC 12 with Tech but the PAC 12 in the past has shunned religious programs.  Would they make an exception?   Iowa State and K-State seem to be on an island as Iowa does not want ISU in the B10.  KState is interesting but not sure the B10 is dying to add them.   Big 12 could try to get on the offense and add some programs asap to keep alive.  Say Houston, UCF, USF Memphis, Cincy, SMU -- all of their top targets would be in the AAC.   This is how things look to me now but there are rumblings that the SEC may try to add more like Clemson and FSU...  if that happens wow this whole thing could blow up and we would just have one major conference.   I tend to doubt that the SEC will go there yet because I think they teeter on monopolistic practices and it would involve a lot of political wrangling but at this point who knows.   As is typical for UNT, we have to wait and see what happens with SMU.  If SMU were able to convince the Big 12 to take them (don't kid yourself they have money and political power) and the Big 12 was able to survive it could mean that the AAC adds UNT.   The problem is what is the AAC after being robbed by the Big 12?  Another C-USA?  
    • By Coach Andy Mac
      On a warm September night at Apogee Stadium, an offense led by then-junior quarterback Mason Fine put up 46 points for North Texas compared to Southern Methodist University’s 26. The aforementioned game was in 2018 and it is the last time North Texas had a significant triumph versus SMU on or off the field.
      Starting with its on-field performance, football has not found a way to make the annual Safeway Bowl close in the last two years, losing 49-27 in 2019 and 65-35 in 2020 — the latter of which was on the Mean Green’s home turf. Giving up a combined 114 points in the last two contests, North Texas’ defense has failed in stopping the likes of sophomore running back Ulysses Bentley IV who posted 19 carries for 227 yards and three touchdowns in 2020. It was the same story in 2019 when former SMU running back Xavier Jones tallied 16 carries for 127 yards and three touchdowns. 
      To make matters worse, however, the damage is not just being done on the ground. The Mean Green were likely ecstatic to see former SMU quarterback Shane Buechele enter the NFL draft this year. In two career games against North Texas, Buechele threw for a combined 636 yards and seven touchdowns while dismantling the Mean Green defense. The lone standout performer for North Texas in either game was former running back Tre Siggers who in 2019 rushed for 164 yards and a touchdown versus SMU. This offseason, Siggers joined the Mustangs via the transfer portal.
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      If Texas and Oklahoma officially make plans to leave, the strongest move the Big 12 could make is aggressively going after the top layer of the Group of Five, with a special focus on tying together a strong geographic league. Houston should be a first call, like it should have been last time. SMU should come. BYU, Memphis, UCF, Cincinnati, Appalachian State, Louisiana, Boise State should all be considered. 
      Pick four of the schools, whichever ones make sense competitively, geographically and culturally. All of the schools I mentioned have perennially been in the top 25 discussion, both in football and basketball. While nothing will make up for the vacuum at the top of the league, it immediately would make the Big 12 a deep league filled with great programs.
      Let’s say for argument’s sake that the new league takes SMU, Houston, UCF and Memphis. The league would have a handful of conference championships and New Year’s Six bowl wins to its name, along with a solid geographic footprint and some fast-growing brands. Mix that with what Baylor, Iowa State, TCU and several others have done over the past few years and you have a very exciting football league. 
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