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Necessary Roughness - 30th Anniversary

Necessary Roughness - 30th Anniversary UNT Alumni Association Event (proposed)  

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  1. 1. I'm in a volunteer leadership role with the Alumni Association and am floating an idea for an event. This September marks the 30th anniversary of the theatrical release of the football comedy Necessary Roughness, filmed at UNT. What would you think of an event featuring a roundtable session with alumni that played a role in the movie followed by a screening of the film? Could possibly do it at the Star in Frisco (I'm tied to the Collin County chapter) on the big screen outside? Maybe have a food truck or two? What are your thoughts.

    • Great idea! I'd come.
    • Okay idea, but I'd do it a little differently (see below).
    • I don't think there would be enough interest to make it worth while.

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1 hour ago, greenjoe said:

I love this idea.  But instead of holding the event at the Star, hold it right here at Apogee.  The round table in the Club and show the movie on the Jumbo-tron.

Pop corn and Rasinettes, please.

Better yet, hold it on the grounds of Fouts!!!

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Well, Fouts is gone, the President's house is gone, the Health Center across from Bruce Hall is gone, but this event has to be done in Denton.  I'd suggest the Men's Gym (Show me the arm!), but the acoustics must be horrible in there.

If people are going to be allowed to attend (how much are things opening back up?), then I guess either in the Apogee Hub Club or the Union (the Syndicate or the Lyceum, depending on expected attendance).  If it's going to be a Zoom event, then maybe:

- the Kerr Hall room where Paul Blake and Manu lived (recreated, of course)

- the President's office in the Administration building (assuming the scenes with "President Carver Purcell" were actually filmed there)

- the classroom where Dr. Suzanne Carter's class was held (assuming that was in the Biology building.  If that was in the Chemistry building, then oh well - that's gone too).


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As for timing - I know you said the movie was released in September, but how about during Homecoming?  Possibly having the theme of the parade to be "Necessary Roughness", and enticing cast members to come by inviting them to be Grand Marshals of the parade?


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On 5/2/2021 at 5:22 PM, trud1966 said:

Is FFR gonna wear the Dillo costume?

If FFR doesn’t “don the ‘Dillo” I’m not buying the  fellow Weatherford’ite another Carmel Machioto at Starbucks!🙄😊

.••• This is FFR & Son at the Mean Joe Greene statue unveiling ceremony. Wow! What a day that was, eh? 


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14 hours ago, UNT 90 Grad said:


She is clearly embellishing the size of her abdomen to make a point about weight and heart health.

But I’m sure you are a perfect physical specimen so feel free to judge a woman who was a supermodel and in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for 13 consecutititive (for you Ron Maestri of the New Orleans soorts foundation) iyears.

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