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DRC: OL Anterrious Gray has entered the NCAA transfer portal

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Good news is we had co-starters at RG at the beginning of the year so we have two guards on the roster with experience. Also Jett Duncan seemed to make a strong early impression as a true freshman and was Gray’s immediate backup on the depth chart.

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3 hours ago, southsideguy said:

Will the last person in Denton please turn off the lights.   Darn a starter at that.  I thought the OL would be strong this year.

It will be. 

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3 hours ago, greenminer said:

Timing seems strange.

Best wishes to him.

Will be interesting to see if he announces another school quickly. With Siggers there was not doubt that he had been recruited before he entered the portal. Let's see what happens here, 

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1 hour ago, Mean Green 93-98 said:

But he's a legitimate graduate transfer.  New rules had nothing to do with his coming to UNT.

Just so we are all on the same page here:

new rules = not yet implemented

COVID exception = one-time thing as a result of 2020-2021 pandemic

transfer portal = started in 2018. Prior to lockdowns  had nothing to do with COVID

..that’s my understanding, and some of the usage being thrown around seems incorrect.  It’s throwing conversations out of whack.

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••• Not picking on any one player who are merely acting on what the NCAA rules committee put in front of them as a choice, but still...
 “Loyalty to the end?” Is that what the NCAA rules committee boys had in mind with all this?  Hardly not. 
This new rule is tantamount to one being married to his 1’st love then the husband (out of the blue) tells his wife after 3-4 years, “Honey bunny, thanks for everything, but I think I’m going to move on now—I found somebody who appears to be more glamorous, so I’ll just go now—🤔Golly gee!  Hope this works out for, uh, “me.”
••• Don’t these kids have enough on their plates already for the NCAA think tank & rules committee to put more on on it like this destructive rule?
••• I know America is in a self-destruct mode of late, but can the NCAA bureaucrats in Indianapolis just leave the toy section of all our department store of life freakin’ alone?  



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49 minutes ago, RBP79 said:

G5's are now just a practice squad for P5's.

But let's see where he goes if anywhere....

All Not Really Lost, Is It?.......Aren’t P5 schools who finish 5’th or 6’th (like a B12🐸TCU most years) in their 10-12 team P5 conferences; anyhow, aren’t they  going to pretty well have similar level of bowls as G5 schools who win or finish 2’nd in their respective G5 conferences?  If so, sounds like a G5 recruiting selling point because look who we recruit against among P5 schools in Texas, Oklahoma & beyond? 


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