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50 years of this & you want to beat the hell out of your favorite oak tree with your prized Louisville 34” bat. 😳 

Someone at the DMN clearly approved that headliner to rain on our little Big Dance parade.  •••  UNT should threaten to pull all its ads from the DMN for about a year & see if that does anything.  If not—keep pulling them until it does.  We won’t close the paper down doing that, but whoever is responsible could go work for the Groesbeck Journal. 

•••As most of you know, Texas Governor (& SMU football letterman) Bill Clements signed the bill that gave us the name UNT.

Oh well...❇️🦅❇️

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I'll point it out again: we are further removed from that name than the actual amount of time we were called it.

More and more, I'm convinced a few DFW media mouths exist very high up the local ladder and are determined to troll us and our brand.  It will never be confirmed, but I find it unbelievable that this persists.

Make a S16 run and shut them up.  Get our sleeping giant of a local fanbase to wake up and pressure wash that crap off the media wall permanently.

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It’s been 33 years.

I point this out because if the person that wrote that story was 18 in 1988, when we changed our name, he/she would be 51 now and should know better.  If they were younger than 18 in 1988, North Texas has been UNT all that person's adult life.  

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I realize papers have almost dropped off the radar and that the DMN doesn't have the pull it had even 5 years ago, but lets not act like people don't view their Sports Day app or go online to view stories from them. Not to mention they get tweeted and forwarded out many times.

What this is now is the SMU/SWC control over the Dallas old-school media.  The Ticket guys that aren't UNT alumni love to either say "North Texas State" or "Lets go see UNT play" and it makes the masses laugh, so the immaturity gets added into other areas of information. Professionalism in that area died years ago. 

At this point, all you can attempt to do to is make the DFW media have to cover you because you win at stuff most sports fans care about. The NCAA Tournament counts highly on that list. If we beat Purdue, for example, and the NTSU shit continues, then you know there's nothing that can be done about it--its just not going to ever get stopped anytime soon. And in the end, the AD and coaches have to make a decision on access that they give to those outlets who allow this kind of insult/joke. But the real issue here is how much society enjoys to zing others--and Im as guilty as anyone of doing it. SMUt is the example we use here, but that is just on this site, not anywhere near being in a mainstream media outlet. The point being, when the AD or coaches say something about how stupid it is to call us North Texas State or to laugh about going to see UNT play (haha...), there is a large segment of media and society that will just egg that on because they think its awesome to see someone get poked fun of and laughed at. We all can laugh at all of this, too--I admit I have many times over all of these years--but the bigger picture is that it doesn't seem real funny when its done even when we are experiencing a new high achievement in sports around here--and getting a 13 seed is a high achievement here because of the conference affiliation we have now versus previous berths that only got us 15 seeds.

And I will say this--a lot of this is because we as a university never even tried to make athletics get any attention or care. We were more than happy to be the cheap, community college option for commuters. And we probably still only have about 2% of the student body and alumni base that even cares about our teams. I was at a high school baseball game last night watching my son play and I sat with 3 other UNT alums who had no idea we even made the Tournament but immediately asked  or knew where Baylor, Texas, and Tech landed. So we have earned some of this...but it doesn't take away the fact that we didn't deserve to have that smear occur on the morning after we won the CUSA Tournament. And that has everything to do with the DFW media being controlled by influences of the old SWC conglomerate.

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There are right at 7,000,000 Texans living in the North Texas Metroplex.  
••• Last count, those local population numbers are larger than 38 states in the USA.
••• With such a blunder of our favorite school’s name (whether purposeful or not)🙄  & with our school having more connected to it locally than any 2 (maybe 3) other local universities enrollment/alumnus count combined & with that in mind—both an apology & correction should be in order, but  we should not hold our breath waiting.

••• What we can do?  Just 2 things—
Win & make it where UNT planners have no choice but to expand Apogee Stadium & the fabulous Super Pit.


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