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Let's have a "what's positive about UNT Football right now" thread

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Why should anyone buy season tickets next season?


"It's your duty as an alumnus/fan/resident" is not an answer. If that's Wren Baker's answer, then we're worse off than I thought...


So much negativity right now...…can anyone list a positive surrounding the program heading into 2021?

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Just now, NorthTexasWeLove said:

Facility upgrades and coaching salaries are definitely an uptick in the right direction. That's all I got. 



Maybe Wren Baker can put that on some marketing material....


"Come see The Mean Green in the 2021 season! Look at our building and our coach's pay stubs! Now, where would you like your seats at Apogee?"


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We've nearly hit rock bottom and the only place to go is up? On a serious note, I'm not worried about all of these transfers. As long as they aren't our recent highly touted recruiting classes, I'm fine. This program needed a cleansing and shift in culture, so you either buy in or you don't. Also, as I've said in previous posts, I feel like the coaches told a lot of these players that they aren't in future plans so look to go elsewhere which is why there seems to be a mass exodus all at once.  

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  • Facility improvements
  • Recruiting has improved 
  • We have started build depth on the O-line
  • It seems that our staff under Seth has worked on improving relationships with Local/State High School coaches*.

*We seem to have a few recent Grads who are coaching. I hope we are keeping in close contact with them and using them as ambassadors for the University. we need to continue to build relationships with regional schools.

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The offense put up great number last yr in spite of a challenging QB situation.  Our OL has improved.  Recruiting has been a bright spot.  We are full of offensive playmakers and we at least moved on from a defensive scheme that didn’t work.  More student interest.  Better facilities.  Best draft candidate in some time.    

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Just waiting for the obligatory Necessary Roughness Wally halftime speech clip.

But seriously, we just had our first consensus All American in 50 years and just signed our highest rated recruit of the recruiting site era. It isn’t all bad in Mean Green land right now.

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My list of ten would be:

NT is my school and I am going to support it. 

The QB race will be very interesting

Always want to see the new players perform

NT's offense could be even better than last year

NT's defense will be better than last year, how much is the question

The offensive line should be the best in a long time

Littrell is coaching to keep his job

NT IMO has the best situation to be successful in the league (ie; budget, facilities, location)

Hopefully, the Virus will be enough in control, to allow full stadiums

To see if CUSA football can significantly improve it status among G5 leagues

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27 minutes ago, Uncle said:


These awesome 2019, 2020, and 2021 classes are still almost fully intact. Excited to see what we look like as these guys start to make up the meat of the roster, not just the backend depth and redshirts.

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