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Way-Too-Early Texas College Power Rankings of the 2021 season - Not Good

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5 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

Lol I take what DCTF says with a grain of salt.

I EXPECT us to be better than Rice and Texas State, but right now 11 is probably the best.

I think Texas State is give the Transfer portal a big look. They have brought in 9 transfers so far. Will be interesting

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14 hours ago, MGNation92 said:

Year 5 of Seth Littrell and this is where we are.

Seriously, how do you defend him?

Not sure who is trying to defend him, few if any.

Next year is going to be played and Littrell is going to be the coach.  

Therefore, I hope Littrell turns it around and has an unexpectedly good season. 

NT plays in CUSA not the SEC.   Predictions mean next to nothing in this league and next year because of the coronavirus, even less.  

NT's offense will be fine, the question is can the defense approach mediocre.  The one positive is IMO, the defense can't be worse.  

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Next year will be very interesting. Anything can happen, obviously, but SL has 3 years from now left on his contract. So, if he wins 7+ games in 2021, he probably gets an extension of a couple of years. I seriously doubt this happens with the current talent on the team and until we see an extremely different defensive product on the field, which SL has shown zero interest in, much like most Leach disciples. If he wins less than 4 games, I can't see us retaining him for another season beyond that, even if it cost the university $2.6 million to buy his contract out and who know what for the remaining staff contracts. The real question is what happens if we win between 4-6 games next year. I can see the BMDs paying for a buyout, but I can also see the administration giving him one more year to go to keep that buyout as low as possible without having SL go into the final year of his contract as a lame-duck coach. As we saw with Tony Benford, you cannot have a coach go into a final year of his contract, as players and coaches will eventually tune him out and recruiting gets crushed. 

When I look at 2021's schedule, I see us going 1-3 in OOC, beating the FCS spare here. After that, in CUSA West, I see us beating one of UTEP and Rice, as well as 1 of the CUSA East teams, so that gets you to 3.  After that, you have to find a win against UTSA, LT, USM, UAB, and whoever else you want to include to get to 4 wins again. If you want SL gone, as many people do, that 4th win that we want to find is probably what determines if he's the coach here in 2022 or not. Ironically, his last two classes have been highly rated, so its probably going to be all on if he can get that potential to show up next year or the next coach will get here with some players that are ready to be upperclassmen and hopefully ready to step up and perform.

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34 minutes ago, Withers940 said:

I've never been a fan of this writer so Im gonna throw this article where it belongs



Dude is a Baylor Grad and is an obvious homer for schools like SMU, so I agree, he is a clown. That being said, we still don't even have a DC so who's to say how much this will change by next season?

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