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And MASSIVE knee-jerk reactions to a single throw in...3...2...1...

Their WR throws a nicer ball than our QB

Had the pleasure of meeting NM_Green a few minutes ago.  That dude is passionate about North Texas football and is a good dude.     Good luck today fellas!

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1 minute ago, Salsa_Verde said:

This is a disgrace. Our best players opt out because they could give a douchebag. North Texas adds to multiple highlight reals....but hey I guess we needed the money. 

In Wren We Trust

Let it Fly 


We are prominently featured on many highlight reels.

Sadly very few are ours 

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1 minute ago, NorthTexasWeLove said:

At minimum, he needs to come out of hiding. His quietness is despicable. Be the LEADER of the athletic program and address your constituents, boosters, students, alum, etc. Or keep doing what he's doing which is just, not to imply for sure this is what he's doing, hiding. 

Remember Benford. It was obvious that something had to be done. But WB never fired him.

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1 minute ago, GrandGreen said:

Guys did you expect a win or even a close game?

No way that this NT team should even be close to bowl worthy.  

As for has being embarrassed, how do you get embarrassed by being a fan?

That's about as assanined as asking how you get excited by being a fan. 

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More tales in afwul announcing, its all chuckles and guffawing when one of their guys is running us out of bounds

Our player gets trucked on a fair caught kick off while down 28 and you could just hear the genuine concern in their voices.........

"Is he off the field now? PLUNGER TALK TIME!!!!!!!!!" 

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14 minutes ago, CMJ said:

I want a coach who knows what defense is.  I don't care if we win games 3-0.  I don't care if we have anemic offense.


I'd rather lose 13-7 than having teams run wild through our secondary on runs that should be 5 yards tops.

We had that coach.  Darrell Dickey.  And 80% of y'all complained about those low scoring games, not enough passing, etc.

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Just now, El Paso Eagle said:

What was his overall record? We would win the worst conference in the history of FBS but we were not a good team.

CUSA lately no different and SL with a salary 6x more still can not win his division much less Conference Title.

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