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🤓North Texas vs nUTSAck 2020 Game Thread🤬

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I think Emmitt01 is dating Bean... if not, he needs to be. 

Littrell needs to go. It’s as simple as that. 

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3 minutes ago, Udomann said:

So this is completely embarrassing.

Anyone know what mixes well with 70% isopropyl alcohol? Cause I ain't touching the good stuff

If you want to drink bad stuff, just drink Boone's Farm or MD 20/20. At least that's the crap I could afford when I was a broke college student. I don't even know if they still make that crap.

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Bring Bean back out after half. At worst, it's playing time and a learning situation. At best, he gives us our best chance for big plays. His ceiling is higher and floor is lower, but let's ride the coaster. Look, I know this is probably over, but score after half, two score game. Feed Adaway - dude is special. He'll have five years to carry the rock here, gonna own every record. 

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7 minutes ago, outoftown said:

I don't even know if the offense or defense was worse. 7 points on offense and multiple TOs is baaad. giving up 28 is also not exactly a badge of honour.

Defense is worse.    Bean has to learn to not throw off his back foot.  I know that is a problem for most QB's.   But, Bean's passes don't have much zip on them as it is.

 I cringed as soon as he let the ball go on that last pick.      I was actually expecting a pick 6.

With that said, I am still not completely down on Bean.   His legs are something special.    The passing can still come around.    I know that Aune will probably start the 2nd half.   But, I would go back to Bean and give him some confidence.  It's not like we have a great chance to win anyway, especially with the D showing no sign they can stop UTSA.

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Most fans don't want to view this game as a rivalry. But until we can consistently blowout UTSA like we did last season, the narrative will not change. It is time for a coaching change.

And based on this game, we are going to get our tails kicked Thursday when we play LA Tech too.

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8 minutes ago, PlummMeanGreen said:

When I read that #8 ranked BYU beat UTSA by only ”7” I was afraid that we’d be in for a long day.

 Guess it’s back to being a rebuilding year? 😏


Sadly, I feel like we are always on a rebuilding year.

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