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Is Playing As An Independent an Option?

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1 hour ago, Salsa_Verde said:

You know what? If you can’t make crazy comments on this forum, then where are we suppose to do it?! I say keep them coming down votes be damned. 
*Also going independent is effin stupid 😂

I, for one, welcome any and all controversial .gifs from my fellow Mean Green warlords.

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I know most people would not like us to play as an independent but would that be better than playing in CUSA?     Or, create a regional conference?  Just curious, any opinions?

I hate this conference but going independent is not better. Notre Dame makes it work because they have a massive following and are a brand name. NMSU went independent because their program was hemmora

When I started NTSU we were in the Missouri Valley Conference.  When I graduated we were an independent.  If we had stayed where we were, we would be in the AAC now.............. GO MEAN GREEN

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On 11/11/2020 at 8:31 PM, Cooke County Kid said:

When I started NTSU we were in the Missouri Valley Conference.  When I graduated we were an independent.  If we had stayed where we were, we would be in the AAC now..............



One has to consider the era North Texas was in during the 1970’s under Hayden Fry.  I remember well as a young Cougar fan UH’s success as an Independent. That time for the Coogs was a catapult toward their eventual invitation into the SWC.  UH hardly came into that league hat in hand with a winning football program & basketball which was 2’nd to none in Texas & once in the SWC it raised the basketball quality for that entire conference. (Remember when college basketball in Texas was what you did between Spring & Fall football)? 😊

I always believed Fry patterned our going Independent because of the success it had produced for UH.  I think he saw what UH had accomplished was a good model for UNT as far as preparing to get into a better conference.  •••In Fry’s 6 years in Denton I always thought for 5 1/2 years he stayed unpacked & really wanted to build something at UNT.  

 As a former UH fan from the Houston area, I had no problem with UNT’s entire athletic program copy-catting what the Cougars had done, but then 1980 & NCAA reclassification took place.  NCAA I-AA was where we belonged budget-wise, but the perception or low impression it created for our fan base we still suffer today—an entire generation later & UNT being located in a major league sports market made it worse.  

This gets old talking about it, but with our location & now our venues which would (IMHO) match a few Power 5 schools;  anyway, that  puts us on a good road but our recruiting has to be good annually for us to be competitive & win CUSA football championships & thus—be a Top 25 football program.  


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On 11/14/2020 at 10:36 PM, greenminer said:

I've seen how different people demand different types of consequences.  Some board members have gotten pretty vocal about how they demand some explanations.  Apologies at a microphone in a front a broadcast.  I personally don't need that.  I need them to shut up and get to work.  If they can't fix it, fire them.  And maybe what we are learning from this is that Wren has no desire to show the public dirty laundry.

I get what you're saying though, and I think the frustration in those big game losses was amplified when we still threw more money at SL.

So here we are, now, recruiting better and I believe (not the only one) that any termination would be counterproductive.  Billy has touched on this a couple times:




It's weird the expectation of our "fans" on some kind of public flogging. I've never seen that. I've never seen the Texas AD do that. I've never seen the Tech AD do that. It seems WAY counterproductive to me to publicly undercut your coach or show lack of confidence in the program unless you have determined you are making a change. I respect Joe and others who've followed the program passionately. I just cant follow the logic. WB never said a negative word publicly about Tony Benford or Tracy Kee or anyone else. I don't expect he ever will on Seth. It doesn't appear to be his style but more importantly, it doesn't appear to be the style of any of the Big12/SEC ADs in our state.

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