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6 minutes ago, Withers940 said:



Would they of been as effective in a 3-3-5 though?

This is fun to think about...

I'm guessing Boutwell probably would have been the one left off the line (possibly Sarge), with Abbe sliding to the Nose, Bellazin being the speed rusher playing the 4/5-tech weak side, and either Sarge or Boutwell playing 3/4-tech on the strong side.

The secondary that year was:

Buyers - Lee - Trice - DQ Johnson
I'm guessing Bowen would insert Hilbert Jackson or Zac Whitfield on the outside & move Buyers to the "Hawk" role.

So in Bowen's version, you're taking Boutwell or Sarge off the line and putting Jackson or Whitfield in the secondary.  The 3 LBs would likely stay the same.
In Reff's version, you're still taking Boutwell or Sarge off the line, and probably remove Will Wright to insert a "Jack" instead,(likely KC Obi); someone who can drop into underneath coverage or cover a RB in certain calls, but also still rush the passer being blocked by a Tackle, and insert Hilbert Jackson as a Nickel cover guy like Jameel Moore last season.

Bellazin was a MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE pass rusher than McCrae.   Would he have been in a 3-3-5?  I dunno, but I don't think he'd be a non-factor like McCrae has been so far.
Novil is better than Abbe, so opposing OL's could scheme a little differently and get someone on Zach more... of course Zach could recognize & shed blocks better than just about any LB I've seen here, so I don't think his play/stats would change much.  He may cede some tackles to Akunne or Buyers, but not much.

I trust Trice/Lee way more than Johnson/Gibbs at the Safeties spots.  Run support would not be an issue as it's been so far this year (we're getting gouged for 5.43yds/carry!!!), that's for sure.


TL;DR:  I think 2012's personnel could play this 3-3-5 scheme and be very effective.

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21 hours ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

Sarge - Abbe - Boutwell - Bellazin

        Akunne - Orr - Wright

We had a head coach and DC that knew how to make talented players in the front seven actually hit and tackle. Of course, those players were already here, so that made it easier for Mac and Skladany, too. What they replaced them with and what we have played with since then are way below what Dodge brought here, but had no idea how to coach them, either.

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