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Top 5 hitters in the history of UNT football?


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4 minutes ago, madmaxx7 said:

In 1969 Cedric Hardman had 39 sacs for the season as a defensive end.  He had 11 sacks in one game against Tulsa.  He played in 2 post season All Star games as was Defensive MVP in both games. He surely is close to the top of this list.

Shocked GIFs | Tenor

Can't even do that on Madden.  Crazy stats.

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22 hours ago, greenminer said:

I've seen all of those play except for Mean Jo, and I'll never forget the extra snap, crackle, and pop that Jones and Buckles demonstrated.  Unbelievably physical, you could feel it in the stands.

Brad Kassel and Cody Spencer had a "lunch pail" physicality to them, too.

Both amazing but also both Sean Lee type guys.  They never missed tackles but also never really made you hold your breath.  

Along those lines Awasome put more than a couple licks on blindsided QBs that should warrant him discussion. 

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On 8/14/2020 at 4:04 PM, Shark84 said:

LB Lester Harper from back in the 80's was a BADDDDDD man. Played with a cast on after he broke his wrist and knew how to use it!!!

One of the most intense LB's of all time. Against SMU in 1982 he shot through the center/guard gap and nailed Eric Dickerson in the backfield before he could get started on one of his patented sweeps. Harper planted his helmet in Dickerson's sternum and put him on his back.  THEN he stood over Dickerson and started jawing......big mistake. The next play the SMU line took care of Harper and Dickerson cruised to a 60+ yard TD, waving the football at his pursuers the last ten yards of the run. He drew a flag, but the TD still counted.

But the game I remember the most was against LaLa the week before. LaLa was kicking our asses and obviously Mr. Harper was unpleasantly surprised at how things were going. He was all over the field getting late hit penalties and other rage induced infractions, and was finally kicked out the game. Well, that wasn't the end of it. His rage continued on the sidelines as he stomped up and down the sidelines shouting and waving his fist. Finally the refs had enough and threw another flag on him for unsportsman-like conduct. That was enough for Corkey, and he banished Mr. Harper from the stadium. 

So Lester Harper was the first player I ever saw that not only got kicked out of a game, but out of the stadium as well.  Now it's standard procedure, but it wasn't back then. 

Bear Bryant once said of Leroy Jordan "Ol' Leroy used to take it personal when you came toward him with a football under your arm".  That's a perfect description of Lester Harper.  For younger fans, he was the Corbin Epps of linebackers.

Back to the best hitters. I want to nominate the 1986 North Texas defense vs TCU.  TCU gave up something like 9 fumbles that game......because the NT defense slobber-knocked them all afternoon.


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