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LA Tech AD on CUSA Belt rumors


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LATECH just keeps on winning, I don't know what their secret is but we could use some of it here.  Nice to hear someone speak up on the subject though.  Who is our commissioner again and is paid to do anything?  If she is running CUSA as a volunteer I won't knock her.  What has she done for the conference?    Maybe it is time to look for a new one who is dynamic and can help us get to the next level. 

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“There is no conversation at Conference USA, nor is there any interest. I don’t know how direct I can be with that,” he said. “If I were in Lafayette’s position, I’d be figuring out a way to move up to a level like Conference USA, and so congratulations on that conversation." 


This guy is delusional about the quality and perception of CUSA. 

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17 hours ago, NM Green said:

Hate losing to them but respect the heck out of that program. They make us better and don’t care where they play how remote they are what their facilities lack...they’re Louisiana proud and just compete and win and win and win.


I have said before I would like to figure it out and model our program after them. If we were to lose our HC or AD (NO, I am not saying I want them gone) I would have no problem if we made every effort to look in their direction for the next hire.

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13 hours ago, Aquila_Viridis said:

To model our program on them we’d have to move the university to the middle of nowhere and wait a couple of generations for it to take hold with the locals.

The thing that has always separated La Tech and NT is the in-state competition.  It you dismiss Tulane as an uppity elite university full of out of staters as most of Louisiana does than La Tech is the undoubted number 2 team in the State.

NT with a dozen are so Texas teams with 4 being P5 as state competition,  has been at a huge disadvantage compared to La Tech.   

Louisiana produces a lot of athletes and LSU now recruits nationwide.  Their in-state competition being LaLa and ULM both teams that have usually been in a lower rated conference. 

In the past, not so much now; La Tech has also been in a position to out recruit the G5's in Texas because of their success. 

This is why La Tech has been able to strive without a lot of money.   They also rely a lot of in-state funds which are currently drying up.

La Tech still has generally has very good coaching, but the future doesn't look all that bright. 

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10 hours ago, Aquila_Viridis said:

To model our program on them we’d have to move the university to the middle of nowhere and wait a couple of generations for it to take hold with the locals.

When I went to NTSU as a freshman in 1961 it basically was in the middle of nowhere. There was no interstate to my home town ,Ft. Worth, and with only the West Dorm for men was a commuter school primarily for Dallas students. Most commuters from Cowtown went to UTA. I am still waiting for our program to take hold with the locals.

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