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North Texas stadium fumbles among worst venues in college sports

Pavlovs Eagle

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2 hours ago, wardly said:

This article is B.S. The author complains about our attendance and record, which has nothing to do with the stadium. Parking could be improved, but for those without green of white passes it's no worse than any P 5 venue that I have attended and better than most.

Yep, and we have a winning record, by a large margin, when playing in Apogee, unlike what is stated in the article, and attendance hasn't been terrible.

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Not to be too critical of this thread, but IMHO, it's based on one of the dumbest premises ever, which takes what we justly consider a point of pride and flips it to saying we should instead feel ashamed.  I'm sure the admins know best on this, but I'm just wondering if keeping this thread alive isn't just giving oxygen to an article that was obviously never researched on the ground, any more than any of the  genre of "Internet best of/worst of" lists.  Maybe someone could start a thread about game day parking/traffic flow and work in experience from this years Houston game, whether existing parking facilities are well enough publicized/connected to stadium via shuttles, etc.  And, by the way, Google maps for the part of Denton in and around the UNT Campus area is about as Google Maps gets.

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8 hours ago, MrAlien said:

with regards to parking, if you do not research parking ahead of time it can be a cluster mess, I have had a lot of friends go to games expecting to park near the stadium, and after waiting in line to park are then told that they need to go across the interstate to park.  

Not the case any more.

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For those who rate stadiums one has to wonder if they were ever inside them?  Find out the school(s) affiliation of those who rate stadiums might be a dead giveaway in some cases.
••• A friend said he once sat in Apogee’s Wing Zone & said he couldn’t believe how great the sight lines were.  

••• A former Big 8 commissioner after he toured Apogee upon completion thought UNT got a real steal at $78 million.  
Would it take $250-$300 million to build Apogee Stadium in 2022?


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