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Classic North Texas game programs to give..

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I have two North Texas football programs that I would gladly give to anyone who wants them, if they think that the program might have some significance to them or a family member.

The first one is Sept 1, 1979 vs UTEP. It is Jerry Moore's first year as head coach and this was his first game.  UNT (NTSU) won 35-0.  On the cover it features Jerry Moore in his Hayden Fry era coaching outfit leaning on the railing at Fouts. That year North Texas was 5-6. The offensive starters for the Mean Green were listed as.....

#2-Bruce Chambers-SE                                                                                                                               Defense

#69- Jonathan Newton-LT                                                                                                                   #35- Bernard (Ali Baba) West- DE

#61 Melvin Lark- LG                                                                                                                              #91- Charles Young- LT

#54- Greg Davidson-C                                                                                                                          #93- Paul Kerestine- MG                                                                                                                     

#71- Rudy Phillips-RG                                                                                                                          #98- Rick Hendrix- RT  

#72-Jim Lemming-RT                                                                                                                         #28- Jimmy Croft- RE

#85- Ron Battle-TE                                                                                                                              #59- Mike Oliphant- SLB                                                                                                                       

#8- Jordan Case-QB                                                                                                                            #87- Louis Haynes- WLB                           

#16- Pete Harvey-WB                                                                                                                          #38- David Morris- SC

#23- (the late and great)- Bernard Jackson-IB                                                                               #45- Zac Cypert- SS

#33- Lee English- FB...hmmm this name sounds familiar.....😎                                                  #41- Marty Morrison-FS

                                                                                                                                                               #47- Delano Thomas-WC


The second one is the program for the 1982 UNT (NTSU) and University of New Mexico game on 10-30-82. It was Corkey Nelson's first year as head coach. It was an interesting year with some interesting back-against-the-wall coaching on Corky's part. We lost this game 17-20 on a last second hail mary in the end zone by NM. New Mexico ended up with a one loss season 10-1 and was  anticipating a bowl invite. Starters for that game were,                                                and the Defense

#20, Marvin Richardson, SE,                                                                                                 #84, Rayford Cooks, LT                                     

#76, Paul Schulze,                                                                                                                  #42, Milton Collins, NG

#69, Dan Reeder, LG                                                                                                               #73, James Wilson, RT

#57, Toby Bowen, C                                                                                                               #61, Ronnie Hickman, LB

#77, Craig Agnew, RG                                                                                                            #60, Lester Harper, LB

#79, Zene Renfroe, RT                                                                                                           #2, Mack Faggett, LB                                               

#83, Mark Witte,  TE                                                                                                              #44, Mike Hughes, LB

#5, Greg Carter (5'9"X 167) QB                                                                                            #4, Phil Broadus, LC

#26 Bobby Daniels, FB                                                                                                        #12, Jack Ball, FS

# 6, Carlen Charleston (5'6" X 161) RB                                                                             #47, Efrem McGowan, SS

#7, Marvin Walker, WB                                                                                                         #3, Andre Mosely, RC


The last game of this season was against Tulsa, who ended up #20 in the nation. They too were working for a Bowl Bid, and just about everyone expected a total blow out.  I don't know if Greg Carer got hurt or if Corky decided Carter wasn't the ideal QB for his surprise game plan for Tulsa, but Rusty Hill started that last game. Mr Hill and #7 on your program, Marvin Walker, proceeded to make North Texas statistical history. The game plan was for Rusty Hill to do a Mason Fine imitation....Rusty Hill (doing his three step and throw routine) threw 61 times, completed 42, with 22 going to Marvin Walker.  Tulsa was totally taken by surprise,  and was back on their heels for most of the game, but eventually their two 1K rushers took their toll and the final score was 38-20. 

Some of the best coaching I've ever seen.


PM me if you are interested in these game programs.


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Sent you a PM..

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