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Apologies from KSU fans


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2 minutes ago, ksuwildcatfan said:

I am not a premium member on any KSU sports board but from reading the thread headings on one of them I gather that there must be some Wildcat fans trolling this board and I want to make it clear that these fools do not represent all KSU fans. Not by a long shot.

If this is happening I want to apologize and tell you that every Wildcat fan I personally know would be deeply ashamed to be associated with such behavior. I know legendary living hall of fame head coach Bill Snyder would be very disturbed to know this was being done by fans who would have absolutely nothing to cheer about if it hadn't been for him coming to KSU in 1989 and building the losingest program in college football into a respectable one no one could ever take for granted while he was coach. It will be very hard if not impossible to find anyone able to fill his shoes.

However things work out, I want to wish you fans of the University of North Texas all the best going forward. And sorry again for those internet flamers who claim to be KSU fans who are causing any grief here. I reject them and their atrocious behavior, and I know Bill Snyder rejects them too, 


Go Mean Green!

'Preciate ya, pal.


There has been little-to-no trash talk that has been over the line or outside normal banter from any of the KSU fans so far, and some dudes like @CelinaKSU have been downright nice about it.

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8 minutes ago, Pavlovs Eagle said:

The KSU Troll who said he's an Ivy League grad but loves K State probably went to a fake Ivy like Brown...  

I think that's the CelinaKSU guy. I didn't know Collin College was was an Ivy League School. 


Just because you see some ivy growing on campus doesn't meant it's an Ivy League School. 

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17 minutes ago, Rudy said:

I think that's the CelinaKSU guy. I didn't know Collin College was was an Ivy League School. 



"CelinaKSU guy" is really a chick.  There is even an old song about her...


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1 minute ago, meaniegreenie said:

Thanks KSUwildcatfan.

Almost makes me feel bad that I was gonna' post this...

Q: How does an Kansas State fan count to 10?
A: 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4, …..

That's an old KU football joke. Or the old but goody: how many Jayhawks does it take to tackle Darren Sproles? we don't know yet! Or several others not fit for a rated PG board.

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