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Les Miles New Kansas Football Head Coach

Big Z

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I really hope so. Having lived in KC for 2.5 years, I’ve done both KU Football and Basketball games. 

Beautiful school, fantastic town, really involved alumni. I’d really like to see the Jayhawks get back on track Football-wise.

Plus they have a fun scoring tradition where they “wave the wheat”, but it kinda just looks like everyone is doing their best inflatable tube man impression, which is a hoot. 

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2 minutes ago, Harry said:

Seems like a McCarmey type of hire in some


If that means someone who stabilizes the program for a bit, so someone else can then take it further, then that is a step in the right direction for Kansas. It will be really hard though for Miles. he is likely to have less than 60 schollie players next year. Makes FCS teams feel like they have shot.

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49 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

Is he an improvement on Beatty?

Almost anything is an improvement on Beaty. I mean Beaty seems like a mostly nice guy, but he was only a position coach before Kansas, not even a coordinator, and it showed. And he leaves the roster just as short on schollie players as he found it. Hard to fathom Miles will do worse. Just the name alone should allow them to recruit at a somewhat higher level than before.

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4 hours ago, NorthTexasWeLove said:

This is a horrible hire. His offensive philosophy will do nothing in the big12. He was able to win at LSU because he was at LSU. Jeff Long dropped the ball here and went with retread name recognition. 

Miles did far better at OSU than his predecessors.  And LSU was not historically good before Saban got there.  Miles did a good job building on what Saban did, and those were some huge shoes to fill.  To me the only question is whether the game has passed him by.

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