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Rice Game Attendance


Rice Game Attendance   

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  1. 1. Homecoming weekend! What will it be numbers wise?

    • 28,000-30,850
    • 24,000-28,000
    • 20,000-24,000
    • 16,000-20,000

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26 minutes ago, Graddean said:

According to the radio guys, a lot of people never left the fraternity tents.

Our students were extremely disappointing today. Probably 5-6k came in the stadium. But there were at least another 2-3k that stayed on the hill tailgating. Ridiculous to be right there and not come to the game. If the normal 10k or so show up we are in the same range as the La Tech and SMU crowd.


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39 minutes ago, Mean Green Fan4Life said:

Unfortunately, for some, it's only about the social scene and not about the game.  Go Mean Green!

Most UNT students just don’t care about mean green football. It’s a reflection of the perception of the competition level, the fair weather nature of DFW sports, and general apathy that goes back years. 

I don’t know if it’s ever going to change. I do think that with higher caliber competition out attendance will go up. 

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Home side seemed pretty full... Even the usually sparsly populated CL1 was 50% full.  The wing was pretty empty, upper deck of visitors side was weak. I didn't think the student section was awful, but yes... there could have been more students.

I think the people in front of me are tired of my complaining about the O-Line and Playcalling.  Pretty sure they're somehow connected to the Athletic Dept.  She moved a row down today after one of my tirades to the girlfriend about how we should fire Reffert and Harrell. Oh well... 

Sorry for the weird shadows... This was about 5 mins into the first quarter (I think).


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