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Interesting Article and Response from UAB


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Here's the article:


And some responses(In the comments)

I didn't think Rico was talking trash, but maybe that's just how I read it. Seemed more like a "we can't worry about them, we can only worry about us" type deal, but I can see why it would be taken that way. One UAB player tweeted something about "We only talk with our shoulder pads" but I can't find it. Seems like they might have some bulletin board material

Edit: Found the Tweet


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Ok, I've spent a little more time than I would have liked to trying to figure out what this shoulder pads guys is even trying to communicate. 

Is he implying that everyone in Birmingham wears shoulder pads when they talk to each other? He also made a random statement that "this is a grown man sport". 

I guess my response would be "In North Texas, we communicate with each other via means of spoken and written words, hand signals, the internet, and a variety of other ways. McDonalds is a hamburger place."

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13 minutes ago, Cerebus said:

Hambone is going to sack him, and Erdely is going to tell him he isn't mad, just disappointed.



24 minutes ago, MGNation92 said:

Hell at this point 3/4 of their team has a mortgage and multiple kids. I mean have you see Erdely? Dude screams "I'm a middle aged suburban dad"


This guy looks like he drive's a 10 year old Toyota Corolla to his accounting job, Chrysler Town & Country with the wife & kids on the weekend,  and delivers the gun fingers after a dad joke to his family at the dinner table. 

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56 minutes ago, Cerebus said:

Woolbright is one of those 24 year old seniors,  born 94.

Kind of weird to think that a bunch of 23-25 year old college football players are excited about playing against 18-21 year old college football players. Maybe it's their way of remembering they were never the talented 3-4 star P5 recruits they thought they were and are still playing in college when the really special players have made it to the pros by their age.

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