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Re: SMU vs north Texas state predictions

Postby JasonB » Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:04 am

UNT favored by 4 and over under is at 70.

Here are the factors I would put into play:
* We were the better team last season
* UNT recruiting classes are rated significantly worse over the past 3 seasons than SMU. They aren't building a great team through recruiting to plug holes from graduation. SMU has a much better talent line coming in to fill spots.
* UNT has a GT kicker. They have a transfer eligible now on one of the lines. And that is it. SMU has added GTs at RT, 2 WR, DE, DT, and 2 S, all of whom are fighting for starting positions. They also have a transfer from A&M who is a starter and 3 JUCOs who are fighting for starting spot. SMU has definitely upgraded the team across the board.
* UNT graduated a big player at RB, and have unknowns to fill that spot. Defensively, they graduated easily their stud in the secondary, and have unknowns to fill. SMU graduated two great WR, and backfilled with transfers from P5 schools. A great center and plugged a JUCO and KU RT. A great DE and plug in a P5 transfer. Some okay DT and plug in a P5 transfer and have highly regarded recruits coming of age.

UNTs offense is going to be as good as it was last year, and their D is going to be as bad as it was last season. SMU's D is going to be much improved, and I think SMU's offense, while losing two great playmakers, is going to still be good.

I'll take SMU to win straight up. I might take the under, because as the game moves along, I think SMU will run the ball a ton and eat clock.
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They think they can take a new coach, install a new system, manned by an assortment of spare parts from different backgrounds, and have it working to perfection in their first game?


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Question?  If they have significantly recruited so much better than us, why did they turn to multiple GT’s and P5 transfers to fill their holes?  

Guess their recruits aren’t panning out well. Plus we have seen multiple times how well all these transfer turn out. If you hit on 25% your doing pretty damn good 

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Love his assessment that we filled our holes due to graduation with scrubs and scraps and they filled their holes with stud transfers and future All-Pros.  There is a reason a number of these are transfers.  It is called not panning out at your old school and not living up to expectations.  Let's kick their ass.

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4 minutes ago, Prettylittleeagle said:

It doesn't even need to be working to perfection to beat us...I'm with Harry on this one. 

That's not Harry, it's an SMU fan's post. 

I'm not bagging on McClain but his shoes can be filled easily. He was amazing covering east to west but not great north to south and he could be a liability in coverage. To me this all comes down to our front seven playing better. That happens, and we win by ten. 

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