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I was thinking the same thing - we need to fire all of our defensive coaches and hire theirs.

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    • By FirefightnRick
      Like I said in another post, it's a wonder Chief was able to walk away from yesterday's game at all.  An amazing testament to just how tough of a player he is.
      Defensively.....we are the second lowest ranked team with 9 or more wins...(Memphis is ranked lower). Here is where our defense ranks.
      Pass Defense........#74
      Run Defense..........#103
      Scoring Defense....#110
      Total Defense.........#95
      This must change in order to win a championship.
    • By gradumacated

      1) If Mac decides to retire, or the BOR/AD grow big cajones and fire him/reach a split, who would you want to replace him? And if you can't come up with names, what would be some of the attributes you would want to see in a new hire?

      2) I think it's clear that Canales and/or Skladany need to go - either through a firing or retiring. Same question in the same situation: who would you want to replace them, and if you don't have names, what attributes would you want to see?

      3) Should UNT have a dedicated QBs coach or does the OC/QB combo work well in theory?
    • By MeanGreenWithEnvy
      I wrangled these graphs up in a few minutes. I'll make some better graphs later this week, including some with more than basic information. Data source: ESPN box scores, 2013 and 2014. Graphs produced quick & dirty in LibreOffice Calc.


      Double yikes.
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