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Now the coaching hire dominoes will fall


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2 hours ago, Got5onIt said:

What’s about the offer to the NC state coach?

He declined and I’m pretty sure got a new deal from NCST

1 hour ago, greeneagle1 said:

Y’all think Leach takes ALL his WSU assistants to Tennessee? Trying to keep Harrell and Filani happy here in New Denton.

Some would stay and some would go.. I do think GH is bound for a P5 OC job in the spring after signing day at the latest.. like we saw Ek and them picked off late

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1 hour ago, GTWT said:

$7.5 million.  That would pay what?  200 cops, firemen, & other public servants for a year?  Ridiculous. 

...and teachers, military vets, nurses, respiratory therapists...the list could go on and on

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56 minutes ago, Hunter Green said:

...and teachers, military vets, nurses, respiratory therapists...the list could go on and on

Oh it's crazy. Colleges are showing their "higher" education on these salaries and better yet the buyouts they're willing to fork over go get a coach or fire a coach. Tennessee is set to get a 300 million dollar "face lift" to Neyland Stadium. 3-0-0 million dollar reno. It's bat shit crazy lunacy. We need to renegotiate Littrell contract to a ridiculous buyout price that just sounds far-fetched. Because some dumb AD and university will pay it. Also, we should not accept nothing less than 2 million dollars for our "opportunity" games. 

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