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Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA


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5 hours ago, CaribbeanGreen said:

Yes, yes, and yes. Don’t think twice about it either. The bowl schedule has always been about timing. Playing in the very first bowl on Dec 16 sends a very clear message. When UNT’s season ends before UAB, Marshall, Southern Miss, WKU, FIU, and possibly freaking UTSA?? Yeah, that sucks. 

You are about my age, I think.

It's time we consider that the bowl system is perceived very differently from the early 2000s.  It is becoming less and less about what time of year you play, and really more about whether or not you make the playoffs.

Everyone outside those top picks is just, well, everyone else.  Once you get past this, I think it's easy to see why a NO Bowl win and trip would be much, much better than anything happening in Frisco or New Mexico.

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1 minute ago, greenminer said:

This thread is UT entitlement 101.

Sort of. But it's not financially worth it. Don't mean I won't do it, it's just the price value of going to watch us play in a 1/3 full stadium at best vs Arkansas State/Troy isn't worth 1K+ in value. 

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4 minutes ago, Ryan Munthe said:

So we’ve made no improvements over the past decade?

#newdenton indeed LMAO

I’ll be at Day for Night in houston instead, thanks.

I hear am I to think that i we all supported the Mean Green.  If i was going to watch another team play, I'd buy tickets for the Cotton Bowl, or even better yet one of the playoff games.

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Just now, GreenN'walinsVet said:


we also won a conference championship in 2002.  Should we complain that we have to travel to Boca this weekend to try and win another one?

Yes. CUSA champ game should have a written in contract that the most centralized CUSA program of the 2 teams will host the CUSA championship game. 

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1 hour ago, Mike Jackson said:

Playing a Sun Belt team “looking at the bright side” is very Old Denton.  This is an extra regular season game that if they were scheduled to come to Apogee would not bump attendance in any way unless it was mid season with both of us having 1 loss or less.  Just ask a casual CFB fan not connected to CUSA or North Texas.  Offer them a free ticket to a hypothetical game in Apogee against Troy next year and see what they say.  This game is NOT going to bring any casuals.  Worse yet it fosters more of the Frat Hill game party mentality cause I bet you more than a few will make the Bowl trip to New Orleans and not even watch the game.  I am sick of that mentality and all the old heads trying to look on the bright side of this.  And this recruiting against Troy really?  Unless they are interested in getting away from Texas or they have other factors which are purely geographical we should not be losing recriuts to Troy, Arkansas St or any of  the out of state Sun Belt programs.  A few outliers like a particular academic program or just wanting to be at a smaller school could be factors but should be generally rare occurrences.  It very simple if you wouldn’t be excited to see an opponent in Apogee in the regular season stop trying to sell seeing them in whatever bowl you can come up with.

I kinda agree...

But with a similar senario, would a weak P5 bump attendance at Apogee  like Wake, Purdue, Vandy?  Would beating them have any impact?

Unless we are talking about a P5 that is recognized in Texas like a KState or TX tech, it still wont make a difference if we are talking about perception and quality of the win.  

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    • This is really cool considering that we're located in a significant zone and it will be happening during the game. To your question, I don't recall any major sports activity experiencing a > 80% eclipse.  I'm sure it's happened, but probably pretty rare. Note: This is the last annular solar eclipse that will be visible from the United States until June 21, 2039. Here's an animation of the affects/times for the entire Earth. https://science.nasa.gov/eclipses/future-eclipses/eclipse-2023/
    • The practice facility wasn't an issue getting Perry to NT.   Obviously it attracted you to NT also...
    • The odds line has went from Navy -5 to -6 points for our game. Navy hosted USF last weekend.  Navy controlled the clock 31 min to 29 min (expected with a running offense).  Navy rushed 48 times for 254 yds.  USF 44 times for only 135 yards.  However, Navy only passed 11 times for 90 yards, compared to USF passing 34 times for 338 yards.  In summary Navy had 59 plays to USF's 78 plays.  USF won 44-30. Navy will get their yards rushing, but we have to get a lot more passing!
    • Last 2 games against inferior schools (Dallas Adamson  & Dallas Spruce), Kerry had a 75 yard pick 6 (Adamson) and a 77 yard pick 6 against Spruce. Their overall secondary got off to a shaky start of the season but is improving. 
    • I had a great time as I usually do.  Some great observations made in this thread.  I drive right at 2 hours to the games, so I got a head start on the drive home and didn’t stay for the drone show.  I wanted to, but I knew I could be about halfway home by the time it ended.  Glad to hear it was worth staying for though.  Next time I might choose to stay. Minor complaint:  Why can’t the NE scoreboard show more scores?  It kept showing the same 9 scores over and over.  I’ve noticed in the past they don’t show a lot of scores, but never realized it was so few.  I don’t want scores constantly running, but maybe during a timeout run through 20-30 different games. 
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