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C-USA FB Championship 2018 Teleconference today at 11:30CST


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51 minutes ago, golfingomez said:

Kiffin was asked a question by Vito about his team in a rematch scenario and right when Kiffin was about to answer you heard this:

At which point, the moderator screamed out... 'WHAT'S THIS??? IT CAN'T BE!!! OH MY GAWD, IT'S SETH LITTRELL!!!' 

he went on to describe how Seth was flicking off members of the media and even faked a punch to Vito. Then he grabbed the phone and made a long winded speech about how UNT was gonna beat the hell outta the owls, about opening a can of whup ass, a statement about Denton 3:16 and exclaimed that it's bottom line because Stone Seth said so. 

He then proceeded to crack open cans of beer and fake drink them. 

Meanwhile, Lane Kiffin sat in stunned silence the majority of the time and every once in a while raised an eyebrow....


The Press Conference was wrapped up with the moderator screaming out "OHMYGAWD, OHMYGAWD, OHMYGAWD! WE WILL SEE YOU AT CUSA-MANIA ON DECEMBER 2ND IN BOCA RATON, FLORIDA!"


He's right, I heard it with my own ears.

But you left out the Q&A portion when Asst coaches called in:
1. Lil Briles asked Coach Stone Seth if he likes white girls, to which Stone Seth replied he had used the Stone Cold Stunner a lot back in the day, but now he's a one-woman kind of guy.
2. Harrell nervously fumbled through a rambling question full of "ok?"s, "alright?"s and "ya know?"s.  Kiffin couldn't answer because he didn't hear the question since he was on the other line with another school's AD.

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