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Sean Bass giving his Mean Green Love

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Grant: A fantastic job at SMU is a 10-win season.

Horn: And they could have a 10-win season.

Bass: They could do that in that conference. Like I just mentioned, how they got Courtland Sutton, I'll never know. That's such a big check mark in the Chad Morris column to me. The fact that you got that kind of caliber player and another bigger school sees that and goes wow we can get this type of player with this guy and he's recruiting in the area.

Sherrington: Well he also recruited DeShaun Watson.

Horn: DeShaun Watson, comes from a program, Clemson, that is not a bad program to be coming from.

Sherrington: He would've been better off to come from there.

Horn: You think so?

Grant: I do think so.

Bass: I'm just pumped Seth Littrell isn't on anyone's radar yet as he has my North Texas Mean Green up above .500.

read more:  https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2017/10/04/will-chad-morris-coach-texas-am-next-season-sure

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its great seeing some guys in the sports media noticing (and isn't Bass a UNT grad?). 

Could be interesting few weeks if UNT can blow out UTEP, Rice, and Army and get to the championship game..

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I've always been told by press insiders that the press generally likes North Texas, but is always waiting for the Mean Green to make some serious waves...now seems to be the time.  The press always has had an opinion that North Texas was rudderless, never quite knowing what they were wanting to do athletically.  Now, it seems that North Texas is quite focused. 

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