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LA Tech Game Question

UNT 90 Grad

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1 hour ago, MattyV said:

I went two years ago when LA Tech beat us 56 to 13. 

I sat in the student section so there was an occasional student who was heckling, but nothing was over the line. 

In the fourth quarter, when it was 42 - 0 and the game was well under LA Tech's control, the students started to clap for us when we had a good play, and when we eventually scored a TD, which i thought was classy. 

Several other LA tech fans told me they thought it was cool that i made the trip because the weather was terrible and we were big underdogs. 

That was the game I was at as well.   Probably just a few bad apples then.  We were sitting next to the student section.  There was one kid that was over the top. 

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1 hour ago, greensleeves said:

Well, I'm probably going to be making the trip with my 15 year old son and some of his friends. Games of chance are probably out for me on this trip, but dinner in Bossier on the way back  might be a good idea. Especially if there are any buffets these teen-aged boys can eat the heck out of. 

If you drive a little past Ruston to Monroe, you can treat the boys to a Louisiana cultural icon. 



(taken from my last trip to see the Mean Green play in Ruston)

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10 hours ago, ntsumgspe said:

So does this "mean" there will be a MEAN GREEN watching party this Saturday???




9 hours ago, UNT 90 Grad said:

Just as soon as I can align with Fuzzy’s later today!


Confirmed with Fuzzy's.  GAME ON!!!  More to come soon on Fuzzy's Allen watching party.

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7 minutes ago, kj86 said:

Is the Alumni Association or AD doing a tailgate in Ruston?  Wife and I are going. Staying Saturday night at Sam's Town. 

Have not yet seen an announcement, but I would expect so. There is a good tailgate area there, if you haven't been. I've done Sam's Town a few times...good choice.

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2 hours ago, kj86 said:

Is the Alumni Association or AD doing a tailgate in Ruston?  Wife and I are going. Staying Saturday night at Sam's Town. 

The Alumni Association has a UNT vs Rice Tailgate on their calendar, but not vs LA Tech.


The Mean Green Club put one on the last time we played in Ruston, but there was hardly anyone there.  As I recall, they had some beer in a cooler and some platters of Cane's chicken.  We were all trying to stay dry under a Dallas Cowboys RV awning.  The RV was used by the Athletic Department.  It was relatively low rent compared to the other tailgates they've done, but at least the did something.

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