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Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

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2 hours ago, Aldo said:


A roster that was left in shambles hasn't recovered after a season and a half?

Color me surprised. 

Oh and where tf have you been Ben while we were 4-2? We lost a horrible game and you come trottin in? Welcome back, I guess.

This team is what it is. Carried by the offense until all the pieces come together.

The roster was left in what the roster currently is-- Lightly recruited players. 

Oh, @Cerebus was so kind as to give me a month long hiatus. All for adding an off at the end of your t'f'.  It was only going to be a week, but I think I pushed his buttons. He then tacked on an additional 3 weeks. Emotions and stuff, I guess. 



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2 hours ago, aztecskin said:

Against UTSA I would give the defense a B. They held UTSA to below their averages in points and yards, held them to below 50% 3rd downs, below 60% passing completion, held them to 3 points and 63 yards in the third quarter in which the offense had 19 yards total, and got the ball back for the offense on the final drive.  Like how in the world is that not at least _solid_. Is it great? No. Solid? What else could it be?

Against UAB the easy thing would be to look at the score, and the big plays and then spout a hot take. If you look closer you see that the line got to AJ Erdely, they shut down the run game. The big passes were awful and bad and . . . mostly corrected by putting in EJ over NB.

Playing awfully against FAU does not erase what happened earlier.

For this season, the UTSA can should be viewed as a "solid" game.. Yes, UTSA had problems on 3rd down, but again how many long runs did Strum have? How many long plays did we give up? While we can try and find bits of data to prove our points, the overall game on defense vs UTSA was solid... 

We can say oh EJ came in and corrected what NB had problems with.. That was an All-CUSA DB that had to be benched.. Thank god he came in and filled some void that was NB since we again only won by 3 on a last second FG.. 

We can say that FAU doesn't erase what happened earlier in the year, but this is not a 1 time thing.. This happened vs SMU.. 2 entire games that UNT has been flat out beaten down.. They also go schooled vs Iowa in the 4th, USM in the 1st, and UAB in the 2nd half.. The defense has been solid AT times but it has been more often than not the weakest of the 3 phrases, which is saying alot with people wanting Biagi fired even though he is in Year 1...  

Again, I have repeated this over and over and this is beating a dead horse throughout this thread.. The defense carried this team last year.. This year it carrying down this team.. It has had some nice games, but then it has also been HISTORICALLY bad... The toughest series of games is over.. Reff and this defense need to grow a spine like they did vs Iowa for the 1st half, like what they did vs USM in the 2nd.. And do that for entire games vs ODU, UTEP, Rice.. I'm sorry but if we only give up 26 to UTSA, we need to hold Rice, UTEP to 14 or less... Reff needs to be on the hotseat and if he can not perform then he needs to be replaced.. This team will only go as far as this offense can take it, and thankfully the remaining games it does not appear that anyone can/should stop this offense. 

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