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BTG 2017 -- Social Media Info and Web Premieres


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Hey board! 

There are a lot of kind words going around about episode 1 and I greatly appreciate it.  

Please take the time to follow BTG on social media as Im hoping to create more of a presence this year and the football department will be promoting more as well.  Sharing posts and tweets will greatly help the promotion of the series.  Here are the sites: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeyondTheGreenUNT/

Twitter: @BTG_UNT 

Instagram: beyondthegreen_UNT


Each week's episode will be available online Fridays at 4:00 PM cst.  We need to wait 24 hours after the show airs on Fox Sports Southwest.  Even though the show will be available online, I encourage you to DVR each episode if you can't watch it live.  Every view counts and will help the future of the series.  The more views it gets, the better chances I have of renewing the show for 2018.

Thanks again for the continued support.  



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    • By BeyondTheGreen
      Hello Board, 
      As most of you already know Beyond The Green is returning for 2018.  The first episode aired last night at 4:00 PM on Fox Sports Southwest and it will run every Thursday throughout the season.  There was some confusion out there that we would not be on Fox Sports Southwest this season but I can confirm that we are.  In addition to FSSW, we will also be running episodes on Fox College Sports - Dish 446 & DirecTV 608.  These will be re-airings of that week's episode.   The September dates/times are below.  
      There is also the possibility of a larger internet presence this year.  I will provide more info on that as it happens.  
      I greatly appreciate all the support the show gets from members of GMG.com.  While the show is meant to reach any demographic and bring more exposure to NT football, I'm not naive and realize that this board is where the show's biggest support comes from.  I love hearing everyone's thoughts on the episodes and even the critiques (at least most of them....).  Like I said on the podcast, if anyone has any segment suggestions or something they would really like to see, please send me a message.   My production schedule is pretty chaotic during the season, but I will try and check-in every now and then.  Thanks again for all the support.  Please feel free to share anything that is posted and help spread the word!!!!  
      Reminder of the social media accounts you can follow: 
      IG: beyondthegreen_unt
      FB: Beyond The Green 
      Twitter: @BTG_UNT 
      Additional September airings on Fox College Sports: 
      Friday September 7 -- 7:30 AM 
      Thursday September 13 -- 8:30 PM 
      Friday September 14 -- 6:30 AM 
      Thursday September 20 -- 5:30 PM 
      Friday September 21 -- 7:30 AM 
      Thursday September 27 -- 5:30 PM 
      Friday September 28 -- 9:30 AM 
    • By BeyondTheGreen
      Due the UIL HSFB Championships, the final BTG episode will air on Tuesday 12/26 at 4:30 pm.  There will also be a re-air on Thursday 12/28 at 5:00 pm.  
      Thanks again for the continued support of this series throughout the year.  I've received multiple notes from fans (more than any season prior) and I really appreciate everyone sharing links and helping to spread the word.  I feel like the exposure has definitely grown this year.  
      Hope you have enjoyed this season as much as I have producing it.   
      Happy Holidays and GMG!!!
    • By BeyondTheGreen
      Thanks for the support!
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