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MGB: Augie DeBiase announces destination

Brett Vito

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I'd be more upset if Izzy decided to go somewhere else, this is a Meh for me. Never read anywhere where he was a dead lock for us.


Hope he can crack the depth chart over there. Im not so sure it will be as a QB. They have a 4 star Dual Threat QB committed for this year, A 4 star Pro Style QB that signed last year, a 3 star that signed the year before that. Tough road ahead of him

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23 hours ago, Travis Scott said:

Brock Bergland 2.0.  

Actually, at this point, you have to actually give more credit to Berglund - he, at minimum, committed to and showed up at Kansas the year after his senior HS season.  No extra sideshow of touring schools, twittering, and taking a year off at some prep school...or, whatever it is that Augie just did. 

Berglund committed to Kansas, showed up at Kansas, and redshirted the year after he graduated from high school...I mean, not earth-shattering stuff; pretty basic. 

Also, Berglund didn't make a public spectacle about which school's bench he'd be temporarily warming.

Also - and this may be the most salient point of all - schools were actually willing to extend real scholarship offers to Berglund.  


On a side note, and I really hate that this even creeps into my mind because I'm hip to Jesus, but here goes...

-Augie, from dawn to dusk, seems to try to out-Jesus even Tim Tebow.  
-Miami Coach Richt's is widely and publicly a pro-Jesus guy. 
-Augie might be walking-on at Miami because the thinks if he "Jesuses" enough with Coach Richt, he might get some playing time.

I hate to think that, but...in my opinion, if a kid really wants to play college football, he'll go to a school that actually will put him on scholarship to play college football - even if it's an FCS school.  

Again, I'm pro-Jesus.  However, sometimes other pro-Jesus people frighten me.  This whole Augie Circus is one those times.  I'm hip to witnessing.  But, I'm hip to it in the context of Matthew 7:6.  There is a time and a place. 

On the "give Augie the benefit of the doubt side," side of the ledger, he is still quite young and has a dad trying to re-live his youth through him.  On that second point, I think it works against him to be at a school so close to home/Dad.  The kid should walk-on at Idaho, Idaho State, Eastern Washington, Washington, or Washington State...somewhere as geographically far away from the old man as possible.

So...does the kid end up on heroin and skateboards like Marinovich?  As Howard Schnellenberger would say, "The only variable now is time."

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