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UTSA vs. UNT is the Texas Rivalry the Conference Needs


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From Underdog Dynasty...

"UTSA vs. UNT is the Texas Rivalry the Conference Needs

Strange but true— UTSA vs. UNT is the most heated active college football rivalry in the state of Texas. The Roadrunners turned in an impressive defensive effort to gain a 3-1 series lead over UNT in what has turned into a really fun rivalry. While the Halloween weekend attendance was underwhelming (19,553), the atmosphere in the Alamodome was boisterous as Roadrunner and Mean Green fans jawed with one another as UTSA built their lead.

Former UNT offensive lineman Mason Y’Barro infamously described UTSA as “soft and unphysical” after their loss to the Roadrunners in 2013 and UTSA sophomore running back Jalen Rhodes sniped back after last night’s win on the post-game radio show, claiming that “we were told they weren’t a physical team and that turned out to be right”. Additionally, varying accusations of Mean Green players urinating on the Alamodome turf have been floating around messages boards and social media this morning. Whether true or not, this rivalry is clearly ratcheting up in intensity with each passing year. Conference USA would be wise to work with the individual schools to brand and promote the rivalry as well as ensuring that it will be broadcast on national television or ESPN3 in coming seasons."


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2 hours ago, MGNation92 said:

I really want to like and respect Underdog Dynasty for covering G5's where others don't, but they are so blatantly biased against UNT it's not even funny. I'm pretty sure UNT could go 12-0 with a playoff bid and they'd still rank us 6th or 7th in the conference

The writer is one of their 20 fans. SB Nation is like Bleacher Report

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49 minutes ago, NorthTexan95 said:

It would really help if either team could start fielding winning teams. No one gets worked up over teams with losing records.  Right now UTEP looks to be more of a rival with UTSA than we are.  The UTSA / UTEP game was A LOT chipper than our game. 

The "Who's more salty about not getting accepted to TU" bowl

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A few thoughts ...

1. So I'm a bit confused by the podcast from yesterday.  Vito said some NT fans don't consider UTSA a rival because we look down at them and don't consider them our equal.  However, Harry / Evan said they are a rival in part because of this.  Hmm .....

2. I will say that of all the people who claim UTSA is a rival, Harry is the first one I've heard say "I hate losing to them".  Most people who talk about UTSA seem to just be parroting the rival bit.  

3. Vito said proof that they are a rival is because we are still talking about them this week.  If this is any sort of proof then Portland State and Georgia are our rivals because those games till come up.  Tennessee as well.

4.  I don't give UTSA a second thought outside of game week.  2013 was a bad loss but I don't remember that at all.  What I do remember about that season is we exceeded all expectations by making it to a bowl game and playing that bowl game in Dallas ... in the Cotton Bowl ... on freaking New Years Day!  How cool was that?  A conference championship would have been great but the bowl game was awesome.  

5.  I understand and accept that some believe UTSA is a rival and hate losing to them.  However, most fans don't feel that way.  I hate it when Vito or someone else tries to force that viewpoint.

Try this experiment.  Go on campus and ask 100 students who actually know we have a football team and ask them "Who is UNT's rival?"  I would bet A LOT of money that SMU would easily come in first and UTSA would be less than 10%.and have a similar numbers to a few other CUSA teams.  Go into the community and ask 100 people who know something about UNT football and ask them the same question.  I'd bet a lot of money you'd get similar numbers.  How much of a rivalry can it be if no one knows about it? 

6. They are a rival because our players hate them?  I think we have a few players that hate them but most of the guys on this team had never played UTSA before.  How much hate could there be?

7. If you really believe UTSA is a rival then you have very low expectations to what a rivalry is supposed to be about.  I can see this growing into heated rivalry in time but it's not there yet.  It just sounds laughable when someone calls it a rivalry when you compare it to other college football rivalries. 

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I stand by my on-air comments last night:

I believe the UTSA is a rivalry by fate/consequence of their place in our seasons, and how those particular games in the last four years have significantly impacted the perception/outcome of such.

Plus, ugh, I hate losing to them. It feels gross.

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