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Results of Apogee Stadium Fan Survey Released


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Ref mics worked.  No broken pixels on the scoreboard.  

My only remaining bent is the bottleneck getting into the parking lot.  Took FOREVER.  Too many cars driving in one lane getting into four different parking lots.  Every time somebody turned in, it stopped traffic.  For the green/white and red/blue lots, it's a left turn against oncoming traffic.  

I don't have a viable solution since the bridge to the old other entrance to red/blue is out of commission.  Just gonna have to accept it and wait it out I suppose. 

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13 hours ago, mgfan said:

I did. Hummus was available, mowed grass, more clothes in the gift shop...

Don't forget the lids on drinks! As soon as I saw those I started looking for other changes. Noticed the hummus as well.

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3 hours ago, MeanGreenDan said:

We're still being coached on how to say "North" followed by "Texas". I've still not picked up on it yet, though, so I hope that continues. 

The Mr. Microphone bit needs to end.  It's not working.

I appreciate the effort in having the cheerleaders hold up letters and all but that's not a chant that's going to catch on.

They need to study Kansas Stste's KSU Wildcat chant and how they prompt that, and do something quick and easy that has a beginning and an end to it.







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On 10/2/2016 at 5:08 PM, VideoEagle said:

The lids on the cups was my simple request and it was fixed quickly. Since my wife and I are now bringing a recently adopted 2-year-old, we've found lids and straws are more than just a luxury! 

Now, if I can just get him to sit into the second half. Maybe for the 2019 season I guess. 

Congrats on the addition to your family!

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