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Since the Athletics website has featured her for years...

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...I thought it worth pointing out that Norah Jones is returning to Denton for the first time since she was here at school. We seem to always want to advertise the fact that she was here like twenty years ago, and her face is perpetually on the MeanGreenSports home page.

She'll be playing the Pettyfest (a tribute to Tom Petty) on Thursday, and then will take the main stage on Friday. This is the weekend of the away-game at Rice, and the fest will be centered in and around E Oak St. this year primarily on the Travelstead lot. Also East Side will be having their food truck fest that weekend as well. SO! Ya'll have no excuses for that weekend - come up for a music fest, food truck fest, and catch the game at East Side all within a one-block radius.

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8 hours ago, Christopher Walker said:

?? AD has nothing to do with bringing her here. This stems from long-standing friendships with the guys from Midlake.

Was a joke that now that we have a new AD their promotions are reaching new people.  I tried.

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On 8/8/2016 at 3:42 AM, oldguystudent said:

If I go, I'm in it for the Nikki Lane.  I hope Erykah Badu is headlining her day/stage because she's got a pretty nasty reputation for showing up several hours late.  Would suck if she held up an entire stage schedule.


I am very much looking forward to Nikki Lane.

I live downtown so I go to Oaktopia and 35 every year since I basically live in them.


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4 hours ago, BigDanTeague said:


I am very much looking forward to Nikki Lane.



As a general rule, I'm not a country fan.  There are exceptions though.  Nikki Lane is one of them. 

Mike Ness brought her along as the opener for the Social Distortion tour last year.  I saw her come on stage dressed like like a prop character out of a square dance on Halloween, and to be honest, I was pissed because the first opener was a gawdawful country act.  

I thought Mike Ness had finally lost it in his never ending explorations of country music.

Then she started singing.  I was instantly in love.  She knelt down, hands shaking, to reach for her ~8oz glass of bourbon on the floor in the middle of a song.  

I knew she wasn't just making up her lyrics at that point.  

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