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What Public Texas Colleges Spend and Make on Athletics -- Texas Tribune


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That is one of the best analyses I have ever seen! Whomever is being paid to "manage" or "promote" should be canned...oh, wait, we have been calling for this for a while now. This is manifest mismanagement and incompetence on display. JMHO.

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30 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

Interesting at NT, where no one cares; how much money is spend. 

Even more interesting is the apparent lack of attention to taking the actions necessary to raise the revenue side of the equation. I have to make the assumption that even the most incompetent manager would attempt to control unnecessary spending. JMO.

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Didn't realize that Vito had written a story without giving you due credit, Eagle 1855. This belongs here instead of his thread...


University Fees per student, per semester Total fees collected by university
TXST $300 athletics fee $17,315,569
UTSA $240 athletics fee $12,032,206
UNT $165 athletics fee $10,724,272
UH $250 student services fee $7,260,060
UTEP $180 student services fee $5,935,317
TTU $57.20 athletics fee $3,237,896
TAMU $0 $0
UT $0 $0


Edit: Athletics fees are devoted entirely to supporting sports teams and athletic department administration. Student service fees go toward various activities designed to improve campus life. Those activities can include athletics, but can also include student government, student newspapers, intramurals and more.

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