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Honest evaluation of UNT HC job from outside looking in


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North Texas

While the Mean Green are located in the excellent recruiting grounds of the Dallas-For Worth area, there is obviously a ton of competition, with 11 other FBS schools calling Texas home -- and many others attempting to find recruits in the Lone Star State. North Texas is near the bottom of the pecking order, especially when it does things like lose to Portland State by 59 points. McCarney was fired quickly after the game. In the last five years, North Texas' best recruiting class, according to 247Sports, ranked 97thnationally. The Mean Green went to a bowl game in 2013, but the last decade has otherwise been a disaster as they shuffled from the end of the Darrell Dickey era (he won four Sun Belt titles from 2001-04) to high school coach Todd Dodge to McCarney, the ex-Iowa State head coach.

Dodge and McCarney represent two of the routes schools like this can go: the outside-the-box risk, and the known quantity former power conference head coach. What's next? "Proven assistant coach with ties to Texas" sounds about right. In an ideal world, that would be someone like one of TCU's co-offensive coordinators, Sonny Cumbie or Doug Meacham, or maybe even Baylor offensive coordinator Kendal Briles. But North Texas can be a risky head coaching job to take, given its history, and it's likely that none of them would leave a stable position for a head coaching job like this, when other more appealing options could present themselves in the next few years. For reference, McCarney's salary was $720,000, according to USA Today.

read more:  http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/154329628/college-football-coaching-changes-hot-seat


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It reads like an accurate assessment, certainly from the viewpoint of anyone considering our opening. I certainly would agree with "The Mean Green went to a bowl game in 2013, but the last decade has otherwise been a disaster." And a lot of folks on this board think "Proven assistant coach with ties to Texas" is a good path for us. If I were Cumbie, Meacham or Briles I would be cautious about taking the job here. The job at U of H has a history of successful coaches who move on to better positions and we don't. Let's be honest, the last guy to do that was Jerry Moore and it didn't work out well for him at Texas Tech. But any of the candidates who look will see we have resources now we didn't have a decade ago which could make a big difference the chances for success. 

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