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Breaking news — Taylor Schoblocher leaves softball program

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Stuff like this happens when you have a coaching change and/or a rough season.  It'll hurt but hopefully we'll be better in the long run. 

​Yeah, you're describing a Benford situation.   This kind of thing doesn't sound Benford-esque.   Hiring Kee was probably OK, but why on earth would RV allow her to bring that other assistant here too?  Sounds like the assistant is the issue.

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How coaches let their best player just walk away is beyond me. 

​She with the exception of VB's Dillard, would have been probably the best athlete returning for NT in any sport.  I can understanding her transferring a lot more than just not playing her senior year. 

And responding to another post, no NT will not be better in the long run unless the problem is adequately addressed.  According to rumors on this board, this is not limited to one player on the team.   

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I couldn't find out (without any major searching) what her major is but since she is a junior transferring to another school could mean one or more semesters of school being added on to her academic career.  If she's lost the heart to play, for whatever reason(s), staying here to finish her degree might be in her best interests.  Since she is from this area, she would also be staying close to home whereas transferring to another school could mean moving out of the area/state.

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    • By FirefightnRick
      This is the kind of hor$hit WB and the AD Dept has to deal with in regards to the Denton Record Chronicle.
      Our softball team and it’s new coach Rodney DeLong traveled last Friday to College Station and kicked ass.  They went  4-1 overall in the Aggie Classic that included a run-rule curb stomping Saturday of the host and 20th ranked A&M team 10-2, our first win over a ranked team in three seasons. 
      We won 9-0 over UNC and won 8-7 in an extra inning marathon (12) over Cal Baptist Friday evening.  We then run ruled A&M Saturday afternoon then lost by 1 in extra innings (9) Saturday evening to Cal Baptist.
      Then we run ruled Northern Colorado 8-2 Sunday morning.  
      So what do the morons at the DRC put accross the top of the sports page this morning?

      They print a headline teaser across the top of the sports page that UNT Softball “lose in tourneys”.
      No DUMBASSES!!!  North Texas WINS in tourneys!  North Texas outscored their opponents 40-17.  North Texas won Sunday’s game and went 4-1 in the tournament and kicked the crap out of the ranked team.
      And yeah, I know it’s the printed version and not online.  Despite what you may think or say a lot of potential donors/season ticket holders/supporters of NT Athletics still read the print paper.....but that’s completely beside the point here.  It’s the mindset and the negative attitude this paper has always had and always will as long as the Patterson (Ok State Alumni) family runs it.
      North Texas spends a lot of money advertising in that POS rag.  North Texas is Denton’s largest employer.  You’d think the days of the constant little negative jabs and back stabbing would be over?  It’s not. 
      Effing pisses me off man!!!
    • By Harry
      Tracey Kee came to the University of North Texas with a reputation as a winning college softball coach who pushed her players to the limit.
      That approach led to her highly successful stint at East Carolina University before she was fired in the midst of accusations that her demanding nature fostered an emotionally hostile environment within the program.
      The question now is if that same environment has emerged at UNT, the school that gave her a second chance as a college head coach.
      The Denton Record-Chronicle spoke to seven current or former UNT players and several of their parents after two players raised questions about the state of the program following its second season under Kee. Five of UNT’s 12 players with eligibility remaining, or members of their families, have confirmed they have left the program. A sixth player with eligibility remaining quit the team in the middle of the spring season.
      read more: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/sports-headlines/20150627-not-an-easy-road.ece
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