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NCAA announces infractions penalties for Oklahoma State football progr


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STILLWATER — The Oklahoma State football program was put on one-year probation, fined $8,500, given self-imposed recruiting restrictions and had its student-athlete host program temporarily suspended following an NCAA ruling Friday that the university did not follow its drug testing policy or properly regulate its Orange Pride program.


From January 2008 to October 2012, five football players who tested positive for banned substances participated in a total of seven games in which they should have been withheld, in accordance with the university’s policy.

OSU athletic director Mike Holder told the NCAA in a January hearing he “mistakenly” believed he had “latitude” as the drug program’s administrator to make exceptions under the policy and approved those exceptions through coach Mike Gundy.

Gundy admitted he was “guilty” in making decisions that contradicted the policy if he felt suspension was not in the player’s best interest. However, Holder was assigned to oversee the drug testing policy and he said “there is no question” he should have gone by “the letter of the law” and those student athletes in violation should have been suspended in line with the university’s policy.

Read more: http://newsok.com/ncaa-announces-infractions-penalties-for-oklahoma-state-football-program/article/5413353

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Pretty much vindication for Okie State after that discredited Sports Illustrated article a year or so ago. SI pretty much did a "Rolling Stone Frat report" on Okie State. Terrible research, terrible reporting, quick to rush to judgement. But is what it is and Okie State has been held accountable for the infractions actually discovered. As it should be...rules are rules. Seems to be a fair end to a stupid hatchet job by unprofessional SI reporters.

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I self loathing 101 a required core course for undergraduate studies at UNT?

The problem with musicians and artists are they don't care about sports (for the most part, I know some of you are art/music grads). So in the event that a musician or artist strikes gold it would more than likely not be donated to the university that have the individual the platform to succeed. In the event that one did donate, it would be given to the graduating college of the individual. This has been a vicious cycle at UNT. The up and coming business & engineering programs will help change that, but it will take time (another reason why winning now is so important).
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