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Beyond the Green DVD Seasons I and II


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As many here know, our own alum Ashton Campbell put together an awesome television documentary series called Beyond the Green. This show chronicled the 2013 and 2014 seasons of Mean Green Football. It was an award winning series and was extremely popular with our fans and alumni base as it aired on Fox Sports Southwest.

I have been in contact with Ashton and I know that he is working independently on putting together a really cool box set DVD of the entire series including some behind the scene footage and other items never seen before as well as some other extras.

I would like to gauge interest in the this DVD and would appreciate your feedback. I know that there were a lot of inquiries about this in the past. Ashton is still finalizing the details of the DVD but I would like to get an idea of the interest in this project and any feedback on who would buy it. I know that since Ashton is doing this independently, there is some about concern how interested the fanbase would be in something like this.

Thanks for your time and Go Mean Green!

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(Spoiler Alert: this account is ran by the BTG guy)

I'm glad there is a lot of interest in the DVD. Like Harry said, everything is still getting finalized and I'll keep everyone posted on the status.

Here are a few things that I can address:

At some point this offseason the episodes will be coming down from YouTube. So there will not be an online version of seasons 1 and 2.

Most likely, and I emphasize most likely, it will be released as a DVD and not Blu-Ray. There are multiple reasons for this but the main one is that, Blu-Ray players will play DVDs (with 1080p upconversion via HDMI in most cases), while Blu-Ray discs cannot be played in DVD players. I would rather make the set available to everyone and not only those who own a Blu-Ray player. Yes, the series is mastered in 720p (1080 for the CSN broadcast) and I would love to see it in truest form, but it just doesn't seem fair to exclude anyone.

It will be under 100 bucks, I can promise that ($99.99 at the most....)

There will be unreleased footage as part of the extras. There was a large amount of sideline and locker room moments that were left on the cutting room floor, just saying.

I'll continue to update the status as I get everything finalized. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of this series. That means a lot.



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Here are a few things that I can address:

At some point this offseason the episodes will be coming down from YouTube. So there will not be an online version of seasons 1 and 2.

I don't think there's any other way to put this except blunty: Are they coming down because of licensing issues or because you're trying to sell DVDs?

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