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  1. Folks, we have rules here at GoMeanGreen.com, and you agreed to follow them when you signed up for an account. Let's take a look at some of them: Just be civil with one another. I can't believe I have to point this out to a group of college educated adults. Civil conversation is all we ask for. Yes, it might make you feel good inside to score points by slipping in some snide insults, but it doesn't help the conversation or build the sense of community this site was built to inspire. Disagreeing with someone is fine, just do it in a civil matter. For clarification this includes mods. If a mod/admin asks people in a thread or via PM to knock off certain behavior, then do so. If you insist on carrying on, don't be surprised to receive a ban. If you feel a mod or admin is behaving badly, then PM me. If you feel *I* am behaving badly, then PM Harry. If you disagree with Harry... well it's his board. Let me be blunt here. The end of the RV era was a mess. A lot of people where frustrated, including the admins. Discussion on the board got very heated and confrontational, and frankly the admins should have been more active in policing it. However, we are human, and we were just as frustrated as any other fan. A tone was allow on here that in retrospect we shouldn't have allowed. That tone is no longer tolerated. Do not be uncivil towards one anther. Do not name call. Don't even try to surreptitiously name call. Don't slyly try to score points against someone you are arguing with. CIVIL. BE CIVIL IN TONE AND CONVERSATION. We are all Mean Green fans, there aren't that many of us. This site was started to foster and grow that community. You don't attract new fans with a bunch of name calling. You don't attract a bunch of new fans by being jerks to one another. You can have discussions with one another, and do it in such a way that it doesn't lead to animosity. Leave that animosity to those that deserve it, like UT-KFC. GO MEAN GREEN.
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