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  1. So, question. When will the fans return? I have witnessed a completely feel with this team under Coach McCasland. This team, young that it is and still yet finding its groove, is playing its collective tail off. The hustle is great and it appears that these players are being held accountable not only by the coaching staff, but by their teammates. It is not always pretty and they do not always win, but they are giving the effort. And, for this fan at least, they are super fun to watch play. It just seems too bad that they are not being rewarded a bit better through larger crowds. Lots of change, of course, and it is no secret that some fans had issues, but... Had any issue with RV...he’s gone, Had any issue with Coach Benford...he’s gone, Had issues with ice hockey-style substitution patterns....gone, Had issues with players sulking and not being held accountable...gone, Have issues with the Super Pit...tons of changes made and still being made, I could certainly go on, but I think you get the drift. It’s a new day and “newdenton” at the SuperPit just like at Apogee. These student-athletes need the support from both their fellow students and the fans...current and past. I realize that winning is still hit and miss and that once one “gets out of the habit” of going that it is hard to get back into that habit. But, if you find yourself withwant of something to do check out both the men’s and women’s basketball schedules. We have players and coaching staffs for both you can be very proud of both on and off the court. Plus, bottom line, these games are FUN! Here’s hoping we see some folks deciding to once again support the Mean Green. I think that, if they do, that they will be pleasantly surprised for now and once again excited for the future.
  2. Well, we did it again. We bought season tickets. There are some reasonably significant changes that may impact other fans. 1. No more family four packs (at least for season tickets, but I don't see them on the website for single games either). 2. The ends of the lower bowl are now general admission. These baseline areas used to be assigned seating and available for season tickets. This is no longer the case. (The student section appears to be unchanged) 3. My wife had to go through a couple of people but eventually talked to the new ticketing director, Tricia Drummond, and she was able to get us taken care of. We really liked our seats and that was the main factor in renewing during a couple of seasons in the current coaching era. AoM let Tricia know we don't like the new rules. Also of concern is that we were never contacted about renewing our seats. We had to contact them. My wife checked and they had her cell number on file. Per Tricia they had a 3rd party contact season ticket holders. At least we were able to provide her with that feedback so she can evaluate that vendor with more info in hand.
  3. I know a good chunk will go towards the lighting which is a good thing but what about the rest? I personally would like to see them paint the ugly brown green -- it would give the exterior more color and spirit. I also would like to see them tear down that crappy circa 1970 sign and put something bigger and brighter in its place. Make it big and proud. The technology is a lot cheaper than it used to be we ought to be able to make that sign pretty nice. Other thoughts?
  4. The old Super Pit scorer's table is for sale at UNT Surplus. https://propertymanagement.unt.edu/portable-scorers-table-40000 5 sections, all for $400. Probably some Tony Mitchell sweat still on them. Someone please buy these and turn them into tailgating bars. Or use it to make the new bar in the renovated Sweetwater. Y'all know folks, make it happen.
  5. Come check out the Taste of North Texas event this Thursday at the Super Pit. Over 40 different restaurants will be out along with East Side Social Club, Oak St. Drafthouse, Ben E. Keith and Miller of Denton with lots of good craft beer. $15 to get in and that gets you a sample from all 40 vendors and 2 beers. $10 for Military/student/Senior and kids 6 and under get in free. All proceeds go to UNT Athletics and Denton's Kiwanis Club. Come see me at the East Side and Oak St. Drafthouse booth and I might give you a t shirt!
  6. Hey everybody, let me introduce myself as I am new to gomeangreen.com. My name is Chris, I'm going to be starting my sophomore year at UNT this fall. I am originally from Rhode Island, and a relocated family member allowed me the opportunity to open a new chapter in my life in our fine state of Texas. I am a Geography major, and, as you can guess from my presence on this site, an avid UNT sports fan. I may be new to Mean Green Nation, but that doesn't mean I'm not every bit as passionate a fan as the rest of you, young and old a like. I was there for the opening of Apogee, I was there in Hot Springs this year, and I'll make damn sure I am front row at the 50 in the student section for all the football games for the rest of my time as a student here, and I'll attending every home basketball game and traveling with my fellow students up to Hot Springs this year and El Paso (providing there is a student bus, which is iffy given the distance) the following year for our conference tournaments. I'm currently parading myself around Rhode Island this summer sporting my Mean Green gear proudly, as I see others wearing bandwagon clothing (UCONN, Boston College, even occasionally Texas...). Anyways, enough mindless ego stroking, I have a point to make. While I am very new to gomeangreen.com, I have spent the last couple weeks reading through this site's forums as a guest, and I've noticed an interesting trend. No matter what the original topic, a large amount of the threads result in stupid bickering; people here seem to hold grudges against each other and it results in unnecessary arguments. I may be new to being a part of this wonderful school and fan base, and may not know the history of our sports teams like a lot of you do, but there is one thing I absolutely know. This is a special, special time to be a part of this university, both athletically and academically. I want everyone I know to be a part of this great time. I am incredibly excited for the upcoming football and basketball seasons, I truly feel that both are going to be incredible this year. But, as a fan base, instead of bickering over pointless things, why can't we join together, and be one? Of course, people have differing opinions over things, and this is the internet, so having arguments or disputes over things are inevitable, but there is a difference between having a constructive disagreement with a fellow fan and having a stupid, petty argument that gets nobody anywhere. Just to clarify, it isn't just this website that I see this trend on. On facebook, there is a page called "Fill Apogee"; the point of the group is to try to get the word out to as many people as humanly possible to try to sell out the home opener. The link of the group will be listed below, for those who are interested in joining. But, even on that group, which is filled with mostly students, petty arguments broke out over whether Texas Southern was a weak team to have for our home opener (not necessarily referring to the team's talent level, but more of weak on our end that that is the best we can schedule), and whether or not FCS is considered D1 or not. This is not only stupid, and irrelevant, but it's also counterproductive. Even if that logic applied (which obviously it doesn't, as anyone who follows college football will understand), the point isn't who we are playing, it is that we are playing. We should go out and support our team 100%, no matter the opponent, and pointless bickering over stupid stuff isn't going to accomplish that goal. Anyways, what ended up happening was a couple players stepped in and commented, Mason Y'Barbo, and none other than Derek Thompson. And I will post what they said. Y'Barbo: All I ask is yalls support. This is going to be a monumental season for us and i want you all to experience it with us. No need for the back and forth name calling and arguing ( though it is amusing). Just please be behind us 100% as one. Thompson: Yall dont really understand how much we feed off of our fans when we step on the field at Apogee. We need this place rockin every time we hit the field! I promise we will put a team out there that will do special things this year. All we ask is that when a home game comes around, that teams never forget the atmosphere at Apogee. Its such a psychological advantage! Hope to see everyone out there this year. Go Mean Green! After these guys commented, the bickering stopped, which is not surprising. And they're right. This is a special team, and it's going to be a special year. If we all put ourselves 100% behind these guys, and believe in them even when times are tough, I really think we can make a bowl game this year. We're going to shock some people in conference play, much like WKU did last year. Same thing with the basketball team, it's really going to be a special year. Especially now with TJ Taylor apparently added, this is really a team that can be top 25, or higher. Who knows, maybe this can be our Butler year? Anything is possible. We have a star. We have a returning supporting cast. We have a new very talented addition. And most of all, they believe they can do it. Just look at the twitter feed from these guys, they believe that they can be the best. Chris Jones seems to think he'll be in the NBA Draft next year. While that is probably silly and not going to happen, these guys have confidence coming into this year. And they have us to back them. So, this is my plea. My plea to North Texas fans everywhere, but starting with you guys. We are one, we stand for the same thing, root for the same team. We are on the same team. Let's fill Apogee. Let's get to a bowl game. Hell, let's win the damn conference, in both sports. Let's make a run in the NCAA Tournament. Let's help Tony win National Player of the Year, and be drafted Top 5. Let's do this, together. We are North Texas, Go Mean Green.
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