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  1. NORTH TEXAS Pros: No C-USA school is doing a better job of investing in facilities than UNT, which has also earned some buzz as a future member of the Mountain West Conference. The football program is ascendant and it’s not inconceivable that UNT could work as a football-only member. Cons: The AAC already features SMU in the Dallas-Fort Worth market and there’s not much love between the two programs. Even with a beautiful football stadium and a winning team, attendance continues to lag for UNT football. The Mountain West Conference may be a better possibility down the road. read
  2. LOS ANGELES -- "In a perfect world," Gonzagawill make a decision about its conference affiliation in the next two weeks as the potential exists for it to join the Mountain West ahead of the 2018-19 season, athletic director Mike Roth told CBS Sports. There is mutual interest between both parties in Gonzaga becoming the 12th basketball member of the 20-year-old Mountain West. In early March, Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson confirmed to the San Diego Union-Tribune that his league had been in expansion talks with Gonzaga and "other schools." read more: https://www.cbsspor
  3. The college sports-television industrial complex is at a crossroads. It seems like everyone involved is dealing with one crisis or another. The SEC, Big Ten and (soon) the ACC have or will have their own private fortunes through television networks, but traded a portion of their souls to get there. The Pac-12 has its own network, but no fortune. The Big 12 has a host of issues, stemming from its lack of a network. ESPN and Fox are losing subscribers by the bundle, threatening to bring the entire system down with them. On the other end of FBS, the MAC has submitted itself fully to the whim
  4. He speaks about investing in your program and playing out West: The coach noted the renovations on Amon G. Carter Stadium were already underway. The $105 million improvements started after TCU beat San Diego State in 2010, the year the Frogs won the Rose Bowl and finished second in the final Associated Press poll. That was still when TCU was in the Mountain West Conference. Patterson recalled getting home from West Coast conference games halfway through the morning and then practicing later that day. He'd like to leave those late nights in the past. "I would prefer not to h
  5. read more: http://pilotonline.com/sports/college/old-dominion/football/harry-minium/conference-usa-kicks-off-two-day-football-media-event-today/article_84319471-6923-5e34-bea3-bb108e7b6e2a.html Boy could the timing be worse for us? We need our new AD out there shaking hands and kissing babies right now. Maybe Hank is filling the void?
  6. WHILE I BELIEVE HAWAII FOOTBALL is safe I'd estimate a 5 percent chance it gets cut it's fun to think about how the Mountain West, which Nevada is a member of, would replace the Warriors, who are the league's lone football-only school. The top option would be BYU, but the Cougars seem unlikely to return to the conference they helped found. The other options aren't that attractive. Texas-San Antonio, UTEP, Rice, SMU, Texas State and North Texas all bring the league into the Lone Star State, but there's no guarantee any would make the jump. You could dip into the FCS ranks and try and lure a p
  7. The Mountain West Conference will send a team to the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl this season, giving the conference six bowl affiliations, the conference and bowl game announced Monday. The New Orleans Bowl on Monday announced a contract extension with the Sun Belt and Conference USA for this six-year bowl cycle, but a Mountain West team will take the place of the C-USA team this year, when the game is played at 8 a.m. (Pacific time) on Dec. 20 at the Mercedez-Benz Superdome. It will be televised by ESPN. Javan Hedlund, a spokesman for the MWC, said there are talks for the MWC to get
  8. UNT is growing like crazy. I exepect them to do sort of what Central Florida has done in the past 10-years. I liked Smatresk and thought he did a good job at UNLV, considering. He made a big mistake hiring Livengood in the first place, but then again he was our 2nd choice and he really wanted to hire Moos. Oh well, good luck to Neal, he's going to a much better job imo. UNLV is a dysfunctional mess. Read more: http://www.mwcboard.com/index.php?s=cb9577c9714edefe932446d83186ca3d&showtopic=51017
  9. LAS VEGAS – The gulf between college football’s 1 percent and the proletariat is widening. In recent weeks, several of the top power brokers in the sport have proclaimed that it might be time for some major restructuring. Big 12 Conference Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said Monday that it might be time to consider a model in which the five major conferences (Pac-12, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 and ACC) would form their own “federation” within the NCAA — because it’s no longer practical for football programs with million-dollar budgets to be governed by the same rules as programs with budgets of more t
  10. The MWC will have their collective ++++ in their hand come bowl season. IMO, if the MWC and CUSA are seamingly going to be paired up so often, perhaps it's a sign that "the alliance" isn't dead after all. I have always felt that UTEP and UTSA would eventually align with the Western side of The Alliance. And Banowsky has made no secret that he's open to taking two more teams. The Basketball in The Alliance may be worth it by itself. UNLV, UNM, SDSU, USU, UAB, WKU, ODU, UNCC, USM, UTEP... In the long run, Banowsky and Thompson seem to be keeping their synergy in play. Read more: htt
  11. The Mountain West Conference has agreed to tie-ins with six bowl games starting in 2014, sources said. The Mountain West's six bowl tie-ins are expected to be six-year deals from 2014-19. The Las Vegas Bowl will get the first selection from the Mountain West, while the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego will get the second selection, sources said. The Hawaii, Armed Forces in Fort Worth, Texas, and New Mexico bowls will share the third, fourth and fifth selections. The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in Boise, Idaho, will get the league's sixth selection, sources said. Despite a number of bowls
  12. ....and it needs to start in Texas.... Texas State and UTSA are going to grow a lot faster than people think, and they're both excellent schools to add. The Mountain West made a great move when they added TCU, and now they need to go back and pick up 2 more Texas schools... Read more: http://www.mwcboard.com/index.php?s=b1ba6774cbb6316c8d65b49e6cf26b99&showtopic=48026
  13. Influential El Pasoans should push hard for UTEP's admittance into the Mountain West Conference. Sell UTEP -- plus El Paso --to conference members. UTEP officials either are not trying to move this city up in the collegiate athletics world, don't think they can compete favorably in the MWC, or have been told by the MWC to just buzz off. In any case, UTEP or the MWC would not be expected to comment if there's a push going on or not. These things are all behind-the-scenes stuff. There's no transparency, nor can there be. You don't announce which teams you've invited to join your league, an
  14. Decisions, decisions. San Diego State suddenly finds itself back in the market for a sports conference, barely a year after announcing it would leave the Mountain West next summer for the Big East in football and Big West in everything else. Technically, nothing has changed; SDSU is still leaving the Mountain West after the current academic year. In reality, everything has. Boise State, its western partner in the jump to the Big East, announced it is staying in the Mountain West, and even SDSU athletic director Jim Sterk after months of steadfastly, even stubbornly, saying his school wa
  15. While San Diego State still gets the first chance to remain in the Mountain West by Jan. 31, but that does not mean that Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson is burning through his long distance minutes contacting other schools to join the league. Earlier on Monday, it was being reporter that the SMU Mustangs are not interested in joining the Mountain West, and if that is the case than adding the Houston Cougars seems like a far fetched option. It would make sense for both Houston and come as packaged dell, well that is unless Tulsa, or even Texas-San Antonio, join the league. UTSA wa
  16. The proposed marriage between the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA ended before it got to the altar. The two conferences agreed in October to merge, but after running into difficulties forming an alliance, they tried to create some sort of working relationship. That didn't pan out, either. So Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson, speaking Wednesday morning at the conference football media days at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, said the deal is off - for now at least. He said several factors played into the split, such as different TV contracts, scheduling issues and
  17. If this is true, you have to think C-USA got the better of the deal essentially locking the Mountain West out of Texas and securing UTEP. I think there will still be a relationship between the two but in the end they will both have to look out for themselves. Read More: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/blog/brett-mcmurphy/19074166/cusa-completes-expansion-by-adding-odu/rss
  18. Bump'd From the FanPosts- Conference Realignment isn't going anywhere and this is a nice perspective on why UTEP might be interested in the MWC. - AM Sorry I haven't been around as much, bitching about UT has taken up the majority of my time lately, couple that with the chaos in the Mountain West, and finals I haven't kept tabs over here. First let me be frank, the MWC's TV contract is HORRIBLE they must do something to change it to have a prayer at taking ANY Conference USA team. Second lets make some assumptions: 1st Hawaii and a non-football school (like Denver) join the Mountain
  19. Read more: http://blogs.mercurynews.com/collegesports/2012/04/29/san-jose-state-athletics-on-the-verge-of-mountain-west-invitation/#more-25155
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