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  1. Excuses for failure. Let me count the ways. 1]We were a commuter school in the 60's known for teachers its music department.[ decades ago]. 2]Administration has never supported athletics . [they do now] .3] We dropped down to 1AA [decades ago] 4] Students don't care enough .[ they enacted a student athletic fee] 4] . Our facilities are terrible [ state of the art stadium and indoor practice facility] 5] Our coaches don't recruit in DFW [ hire some that will.] 6] We can't hire good coaches because we don't pay them enough. [ I think Seth is making close to $2million per year. Jury is our on whether or not he is worth it] . 7] The local media doesn't love us. [ We don't seem to love ourselves so what do you expect ]. 8] We have hundreds of thousands of UNT graduates in the METROPLEX who don't attend games or donate money [ You got me there. Actually I don't have a clue why we can't get more cheeks in the seats of more donations. Maybe our "can't do " attitude contributes to there apathy . I attended UNT in 1961 thru 1966 and graduated with a BBA degree. I had a successful career in health sales and distribution from 1968 until I retired in 2003. No body gives any thing good away, and every territory that I took over was in the crapper. No existing business to speak of, hadn't see a company representative in months,[ and hated him anyway], poor service, etc. In sales your cup is either half empty or half full. My frustration with this Board is that we seem to have developed a "half empty " mentality that I just don't understand. When I look at the "tools" our Athletic Department has its impossible for my cup to be anything but half full. In summary, I am just sick of excuses as to why we have such a pitiful football program and tired of the same lame old reasons. We need to draw the line in the sand, forget about past deficiencies [and there have been a butt load] , not dwell on the past and look to the future.We need to expect more or we will get less. No more excuses.
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