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Found 15 results

  1. It would appear the experiments last year were deemed successful. http://www.underdogdynasty.com/conference-usa/2017/5/3/15532488/conference-usa-will-have-games-streamed-on-twitter-this-year-g5-stadium-tv-contract-cusa I personally fully support this move. It certainly does not address the abysmal media payout situation we find ourselves in, but it does definitely mitigate the error of fan accessibility.
  2. It looks like the coach has finally joined twitter. https://twitter.com/TonyLBenford
  3. Most of these are from AD Departments throughout the country. Man is very liked and well respected in this business.
  4. This is funny stuff. It looks like he catches hell for not missing a meal and getting lucky in new jobs. I like it... https://twitter.com/fakewrenbaker
  5. greenminer


    From the album: For Fun

  6. You are now able to embed tweets by posting the link given under the tweet details setting. You can get to the tweet details setting by click on a tweet and opening it up and then find the "details" link at the bottom of the tweet, it looks like this: 2:05 PM - 21 Jun 13 · Details Just click "Details" and then copy the address in the address bar at the top of the page, and paste into a post.....and it will look like this I would like for a couple of you to post tweets to help me test it if you will. I noticed that right after you post the details code you must reload the page to get it to show....give it a try..gmg
  7. Jacob Holmen ‏@JHolmen_1 Shed a couple tears today knowing that I won't be able to play for my school anymore, but health comes first. #GMG Forever Mean Green. The Chosen One ‏@JP_11_Patton I like to thank the University of North Texas for the last two years! Feel like I wasted you guys time but I'm thankful for the opportunity!
  8. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaab-the-dagger/ncaa-denies-akron-request-wear-twitter-handles-back-020151886--ncaab.html
  9. Fake Tony Benford Ok, which one of you is behind this? Pretty darn funny in my opinion.
  10. This is a tweet from a sports reporter covering ODU. Smart move for ODU and good addition for the conference. Matthew Hatfield @hatfieldsports Press Conference on #ODU to #CUSA expected to be at 2PM today. 12:50pm Thu May 17 via txt https://mobile.twitter.com/hatfieldsports/status/203105322842329088
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