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Found 172 results

  1. The Denton Record-Chronicle reports that a hiring committee has been formed at UNT for selecting a head coach and will meet in the next few days. I've sent a request to the sports information department for the names of the members of the committee and any guidance they've been sent on what UNT is looking for. Does anyone know someone who has been selected for this committee?
  2. Normally in an FBS coaching search you'd hear about a few hometown favorites who went to the school and are in the coaching fraternity. Are there any current/recent FBS coaches and assistants out there who went to North Texas? The only one I came up with in a search is Bruce Chambers, a running backs and tight end coach at UT from 1998 to 2014 who played for UNT as a wide receiver from 1979 to 1982.
  3. Gentlemen (and actual GMG members), Welcome to the future. As I'm sure you've noticed a new wave of fancy moving pictures floating around the forums these days. This probably shocked you as much as color TV did you old fuddy duddies. These are called GIF files (pronounced jif or ghif depending on what you are into). Now as you can see these are often used in place of words or with words to get a point across. For instance, if you check my post history, (feel free to upvote) you'll see a series of active GIFs of fire burning objects representing the current state of our program. Now, despite its growing popularity we ain't got dog crap for UNT GIFs (much like stops on defense this year). Unfortunately I can only fix the former. I've added a small, but potentially growing collection of Mean Green GIFs, depending on your reception. Hopefully this cheers everyone up for at least a moment. Also sorry for the last one, I stumbled upon the video and couldn't resist. All I ask in return is that this be a (generally) happy thread with a cease-fire or something and just back in the greatness of my creations. How do you i use this magic future-wizard?! I'm glad you asked elderly-old-person. 1. Find a GIF you like (preferably that doesn't suck). 2. RIGHT CLICK the GIF 3. Highlight and Click: COPY Image URL 4. Now, In the corner of your comment/post box ON GMG.com there is a button and it says: Insert other media. Click the sum' of a gun. 5. It opens a menu you two options. You're going to have to click something again: Insert image from URL 6. There will be a box for a URL (http/www/etc) PASTE what you copied. 7. Click Insert into post (just slide it on in). 8. Profit meaningless reputation points. Great, now I'm an addict. Where can i find more? http://giphy.com/ Honestly, was going to list a bunch but you have google. If you don't know how to use the I can do a post for that too. DISCLAIMER: GIFs do not make you any smarter, better-opinioned or funnier. DISCLAIMER 2: At least one quarterback was hurt in the making of these GIFS. (Others hurt by the 2013 defense not pictured). "Hit Stick" - Did someone just drop the sickest forum burn? Try this one. Pain train cometh. "The Hype Is Real" - New 3-Star Plus recruit? Winning streak? All aboard the hype train. "ROAR" - Need to make a statement? Try this one. "Light the tower" - Taking us to the digital age, an actual lighting tower. Move over quality jpeg, we're headed to the top floor! "House Party" - UNT90 on a roll? BillySee dropping recruiting knowledge? Cheer them on like only UNT can. "FOOTBALLOCALYPSE" - Oh everything is so freakin' happ... RAZE THIS MOTHER F'R. Special 2015 edition GIF. "TROLLOLOLOLOL" - Perfectly suitable when we have two interim head coaches (joke), keeping an ex-head coach on staff (also, joke). Welcome, to North Texas.
  4. Dan McCarney Relieved Of Head Coaching Duties Interim To Be Named; National Search For Replacement To Begin Immediately Oct. 10, 2015 DENTON - University of North Texas Director of Athletics Rick Villarreal has announced that Dan McCarney has been relieved of his duties as head football coach effective immediately. An interim coach for the remainder of the season will be named at a later time. A national search for his replacement will begin immediately. "This is a really a tough decision, but after a complete evaluation of the University of North Texas football program, we have decided to make a change at head coach," Villarreal said. "I will always cherish my relationship with coach McCarney and he's done nothing but great things for us in his time here, but we felt like this was the best thing we needed to do for the program moving forward." "The people here at North Texas are great, we couldn't have been embraced or supported any better during my time here," said McCarney. "Obviously we have been really struggling lately, and Rick (Villarreal) felt it was in his best interests with the University and the athletic department and the football program to go another direction. I will always be grateful to President Rawlins, Rick and President Smatresk for this opportunity." McCarney was 22-32 in his four plus seasons with North Texas and led the Mean Green to the 2014 Heart of Dallas Bowl Championship.
  5. For the older generation that doesn't know there is a newly designed, very popular, social media app specifically for college students called Yik Yak. The app requires no username or password, and is completely anonymous. You are allowed to post once you're on a campus and you can say whatever you want and then people "up vote" or "down vote" the post. Recently UNT's entire feed has been covered with smack talk about our football team. Going from the Mean Green pride before the SMU game to this is a very unfortunate turn of events. Anyways, today some self-proclaimed UNT football player had this to say about our team. Very interesting. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4_EkIm9kf1OUVE5S25GbGJZeVU/view?usp=sharing
  6. Are we one of those schools where you can't at consistently win ? I mean, do more than have a winning season once in a blue moon.Akron,FIU,Kansas,HAWAII,UTEP,all the directional Michigan schools, both New Mexico schools,UNLV,Wyoming,Vanderbilt, and quite a few others come to mind. Are we one of those football programs that are bottom feeders, because it sure looks like it.I never thought than in 52 years of following Eagle football that we would be ranked dead ass last in the polls.[128th out of 128].Todd Dodge was over his head as a college head coach, but he recruited enough talent for us to win a bowl game. Since then its been a downward spiral. In golf its called L.O.F.T. [lack of frigging talent], which in my opinion resonates both on and off the field.I really feel sorry for the poor SOB who has to follow in Coach Mac's footsteps. But back to my original question: are we one of those?
  7. Curious how our crowd is, I didn't get out of work until 6 so I am watching the game on espn 3 instead of in person. Sounds like a pro UNT crowd
  8. So I noticed on UTA's athletic site that they have UNT scheduled for a game this coming December 3rd at 7:00PM. Looks like the rivalry is back on track?
  9. https://www.flickr.com/photos/smu_football/sets/72157654970090333/
  10. North Texas has one of the nation's quirkier schedules. The Mean Green begin the season with a bye, so they'll be at home watching while everyone else is playing after a nine-month wait. Then, after opening the season at Southern Methodist on Sept. 12, North Texas will play 12 straight games after adding a nonconference game at Tennessee on Nov. 12. "This is the first time I've gone 12 in a row; there's always been a break," North Texas coach Don McCarney said. "That won't happen again, but that's what we've got this season and we've got to play it out, hopefully find a way to be successful." Rich Rodriguez has a similar outlook. "We didn't choose 12 in a row," he said. "But as I said, I'm not going to complain about it after today unless we're not winning, and then I'm going to complain about it quite a bit." read more: http://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/2015-08-19/college-football-late-start-season-cutting-down-number-bye-weeks
  11. When Derek Elrod was rushing a fraternity at the University of North Texas (UNT) in the fall of 2013, he was having, as he puts it, “the time of my life.” The brothers at the fraternity of his first choice, Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp), were surprisingly warm and welcoming. Elrod — a transfer and commuter student — hadn’t spent much time on campus, but after hanging around with the SigEp guys, he finally felt like he found the big social opportunity he had been craving. “I was on top of the world,” he recalled. “It was extremely inviting and friendly. I met so many people I thought were really nice people. The feeling was just like, ‘how did I not know that this existed?’ It felt like this was UNT’s greatest secret.” So when Elrod finally got an offer to join SigEp on bid day, September 7, 2013, he was thrilled. It was a raucous event. Members of Greek life and other UNT students rallied inside the football stadium, donning bright facepaint, chanting, and waving fraternity flags in the air. Elrod was gifted a turquoise SigEp T-shirt and crouched in a group photo with the other pledges, smiling and holding up a peace sign. After the ceremony, the new SigEp pledges made their way to the fraternity house to celebrate. That’s when, for Elrod, the joyous atmosphere took a sharp turn. According to police reports obtained by ThinkProgress, Elrod called 911 around 3 p.m. to report hazing, telling UNT police that SigEp’s then-President, Richard Randall, forced pledges to drink straight vodka and, according to the report, “complete countless push-ups” in a room inside the fraternity house. In a written statement to UNT police, Elrod also identified student Kenneth Grunden as having been involved in the process. Grunden did not respond to request for comment from ThinkProgress. At that point, Elrod, who had been diagnosed in 2005 with a permanent medical condition involving abnormal nervous system functions, began to panic. Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/education/2015/07/16/3680595/untold-story-scandal-one-nations-largest-frats/
  12. Pendleton said it was a courageous and innovative move for Mendenhall to make, that he would trust Wintrich to change and rearrange the entire conditioning staff as well as change almost everything in that training area of the football program. “People need to credit Mendenhall for the change,” he said. “I love coach Wintrich,” defensive end Bronson Kaufusi said Friday after a spirited workout. “He’s brought in new things, everyone has bought into what he’s teaching and are excited about the workouts. It’s all about speed and power, and we love what’s going on.” Another linebacker, Fred Warner, echoed the sentiment. “I think his program is great for our team. We’ve been going fast and hard for the last couple of months now. The program he’s instilled is to not just get us faster and stronger but to avoid injuries, which was a big isus last year. As a person I love his intensity and love for the game. He comes to work fired up every day ready to get into it. He comes into the meeting room with a loud voice and intensity and is juiced up. He makes sure we get the message.” Pendleton gives a little wiggle room to his enthusiasm, but not much. “I’ve been around to a lot of places to see all kinds of training,” said Pendleton. "There’s no perfect training method, not with Frank and not with what I do, but this is headed in the right direction. I’m excited about it.” read more: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865631133/BYU-football-offseason-workouts-draw-praise-from-current-and-former-players.html?pg=all&ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F
  13. Students make their way around campus at UNT in Denton, on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. (Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News) AUSTIN A factious measure to allow the licensed concealed carrying of handguns in most public university buildings is scheduled for debate in the House on Tuesday, the last day for the lower chamber to give initial passage to major legislation. The House debate on so-called campus carry is expected to be lengthy and feature fierce opposition from the Democratic minority. And the discussion is a long time coming, given that the Senate passed the measure a full two months ago. Supporters, touting Second Amendment rights, have said campus carry would aid in personal protection. Opponents, including most university leaders, have cited safety concerns to argue that guns shouldnt be injected into the complex campus environment. Tuesdays debate will be just the latest go-round for campus carry in the House, which passed a similar measure in 2013. But that bill from two years ago gave state colleges and universities the ability to opt out of having campus carry. In the current proposed legislation, only private universities would have the ability to ignore the campus carry mandate. There had been some question if the House would have a full debate this year on campus carry. But some Republican senators backed down on an idea to attach the measure to another gun proposal, when House leadership pledged to bring campus carry to the floor. The ball is firmly in the court of our friends in the House, Sen. Craig Estes, R-Wichita Falls, said last week. We want to see something good happen there. Existing law already allows Texans with a concealed handgun license to carry their firearms onto university grounds. But the new legislation would extend that privilege into most university buildings, such as dorms, classrooms and cafeterias. Under the proposal, handguns still wouldnt be allowed in areas on campus where they are otherwise currently banned. Those areas include hospitals, bars and sporting events. And schools would be able to set rules on how firearms are stored in dormitories. Around 841,500 Texans currently have a concealed handgun license. Thats about 5 percent of Texans who are 21 or older the age requirement to get such a license for Texans who are not active or former members of the armed services. A Dallas Morning News analysis found that in part because of the age restriction, only a small fraction of college students would likely carry on campus. A key element of Tuesdays debate is expected to be the view of University of Texas System Chancellor William McRaven, the retired Navy admiral famous for overseeing the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. McRavens opposition to campus carry resurfaced this week, as Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie, released a letter from McRaven in which he outlined concerns that the cost of implementing the idea might require tuition hikes and that the proposal would harm faculty recruitment. Read more: http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/2015/05/with-key-deadline-looming-house-set-to-debate-campus-carry-proposal.html/
  14. The 2015 version of UNT’s Spring Game did not offer any major surprises. The chance for that set sail when it was announced talented junior college transfer quarterback DaMarcus Smith would not be eligible to participate in Spring Ball due to academics. There was however some interesting footnotes which are worth mentioning. I will preface this by restating a recurrent theme of my close to 20-years of following UNT football. In the bigger scheme of things, the Spring game doesn’t matter that much. Sure, it matters to the team and certainly the players who are vying for playing time at their respective positions. But it’s one day out of 20+, which is a small subset of the total evaluation. Too often, players who make the biggest impact in the game end up not returning in the Fall or drop back down the depth chart once a bevy of scholarship and preferred walk-ons enter the picture in late August [see Erick Evans last year who barely played on Saturday]. Junior college guys who just arrived are still learning the plays and the schemes. Injuries keep some of the better players off of the field [Tillman Johnson]. With that disclaimer out of the way, it is still exciting to be in beautiful Apogee stadium one last time before the dreaded UNT 5-month off hibernation period begins. The weather Saturday was nice, almost too nice as the 1st half of the game got pretty hot. I saw some older fans leave prior to 2nd quarter due to the heat. Cloud cover saved the day at around half time and by the second half things started cooling off and actually perfect game day weather as the sun set in the west. Read more: This post has been promoted to an article PS thanks to UNT 90 Grad for the pic!
  15. UT Dallas ranked 46th out of 484 public universities and colleges nationwide, and third best in Texas, using the proprietary rankings formula. The University of Michigan topped the survey nationwide. The University of Texas at Austin ranked highest in the Lone Star State and 12th nationally, while Texas A&M University in College Station scored second in the state and 20th overall. After UT Dallas, the University of North Texas in Denton and UT Arlington made the area honor roll, rating second and third in the region respectively and 146th and 201st respectively nationwide. Texas A&M University-Commerce, which has a campus in downtown Dallas, ranked 232nd nationwide. No other North Texas school landed in the top 250. Read more: http://m.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2015/02/12/which-north-texas-public-universities-rank-among.html?r=full
  16. Throughout Todd Dodge’s football career, he’s experienced everything there is to when it comes to recruiting. In 1981, he was the target. As a state championship winning quarterback out of Port Arthur, he ended up playing for Texas. “I tell players all the time, … back in 1980, 81 when I was getting recruited, literally, the recruiting process started around January 1 and it lasted about one month,” Dodge said. “There were no games that you went to, there were no camps, there were no junior days. You found out, basically, your coach told you when the season was over with, ‘Oh, by the way, these guys like you.’ He probably already set up your visits for you and here’s your four, five visits. So it was only about a one month process.” Two and a half decades later, he was the parent of a highly sought-after recruit when colleges from all over the state were after Riley Dodge. Todd coached Riley at Southlake Carroll, where he led the Dragons to a state championship over Westlake High School. “I went through it with my son Riley, who’s 26 years old right now, and it just seems like yesterday that he was going through the process,” Dodge said about his son who is currently on the football staff at Texas. Riley was originally committed to follow in his dad’s footsteps and play for Texas, but instead, he ended up just following his dad. After coaching his son to the 2006 state championship, Todd became the head coach at The University of North Texas where Riley ended up playing from 2008-2009. Read more: http://kxan.com/2015/01/27/todd-dodge-has-unique-perspective-on-recruiting/
  17. To all in Austin this weekend, You are cordially invited to the Mean Green Complaint Hour, otherwise known as join me for a beer at the Silo. Come for 5 seconds, or come for 5 hours as we discuss the disappointing year being had by the Green Guys. Topics to be Discussed: -Can the defensive demise this year be traced to the players stealing leftover Grey Goose from Dan McCarney's cabinet? Or is our DC just drunk every game? -Carlos Harris Sr's Twitter Account - If Dajon Williams puts his feelings on Twitter, should we believe them to a T a la teenage girls and Justin Bieber lyrics (is he still cool?) -How can we use the might of the Mean Green nation to force all youth sports leagues to only play games on Saturday at 8 in the morning so that no alums miss an 11 am kickoff? -What the f*** is the Sinclair Network? -Should we move the last few Coaches Show to a vegetarian restaurant since this team doesn't have much meat to it? -If we had an open tryout for Greeks for the team, would they be more inclined to come inside the stadium? -How will we end our Arena League player drought? -Who would make for a more interesting Scrappy, Greg Abbott or Wendy Davis? I think I'm gonna head down around 1 or so.
  18. I am a Dajon guy. But after seeing his Twitter comments, I'm wondering if he's got the right mentality to lead a FBS program. He's always had question marks about his attitude and his twitter comments will cement what many think - and certainly can't please Mac. What are your thoughts?
  19. There might not be a more rabid North Texas supporter than George Dunham. Dunham, one half of the “Dunham & Miller” show on SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket, is a UNT graduate and the voice of the Mean Green. His son Blake is a senior deep snapper at UNT. Part of Dunham’s duties with UNT is appearing on head coach Dan McCarney’s weekly radio show on Monday night. UNT plays the Mustangs at 11 a.m. on Saturday, which led to Dunham going on a rant about his feelings about SMU. McCarney has said throughout the offseason and the buildup the game that the UNT-SMU game that the schools are not rivals in football, largely because the Mustangs have dominated the series. The Mustangs edge stands at 28-4-1 heading into this year’s showdown at Apogee Stadium. Read more: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2014/09/george-dunhams-epic-radio-rant-on-his-hatred-of-smu.html/ This post has been promoted to an article
  20. Anyone on campus at all? Are people buzzing? Are a lot of students going to the game?
  21. There are many reasons to make your way out to Apogee this season, or turn on the TV during an away week and watch your Mean Green while enjoying some great food and great company. Here are some top reasons to watch each game this season and be the best possible fan. 1. Texas The game in Austin against the Longhorns is going to be an exciting matchup with important implications for obvious reasons. The Longhorns are going through a transition period with head coach Charlie Strong, as well as playing with a QB that just recently suffered a left foot injury in April. However, the Mean Green are in the midst of transitions as well. Among them is an important transition at the quarterback position. This game will be by far the most exciting for Mean Green fans as we hang on to every moment just waiting for the ones that will show the nation that North Texas is a real program and here to stay. 2. UTSA The buzz surrounding this game hasnt lost any steam since the heartbreaking loss to UTSA last season. It is arguable that UTSA ruined the Mean Greens chances of having a conference championship game at Apogee in their first season with C-USA. Anyone that was at that game or watched it last season is itching for some payback and that is more than enough of a reason to be in San Antonio for the last week of the regular season. Read more: http://thestudentsection.org/2014/08/17/ranking/
  22. DENTON The football has never been in the air on Saturdays as much as it has been in todays college game. In 2000, just one college team passed for 4,000 yards and only 17 amassed as many as 3,000 yards. That was before the explosion of spread offenses. Teams now fan out three, four and five receivers across the formation and throw, throw, throw. There were 58 teams that passed for 3,000 yards in 2013, 14 of which passed for 4,000 yards and two that hit 5,000 yards. College football has become a game of finesse. Its become fast-break basketball on turf. But not at Michigan State. The Spartans major in physical football. They run it on offense and smash you in the mouth on defense. Despite finishing 82nd in the NCAA in passing, the Spartans won both a Big Ten title and Rose Bowl and claimed a No. 3 final ranking. Stanford also majors in physical football. The Cardinal run it on offense and smash you in the mouth on defense. Despite finishing 92nd in the NCAA in passing, Stanford won a Pac-12 title and claimed a No. 11 final ranking. Read more: http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/columnists/rick-gosselin/20140818-gosselin-old-school-approach-does-big-things-for-unt-aka-the-stanford-of-c-usa.ece
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