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  1. Since Greg is busy doing important real-life things, I stepped in with my non-image based breakdown. Long story short: We are most like UTSA's opponent Southern Miss in terms of terrible offense and porous defense. That game finished 12-10. We were fairly consistent on the road from non-conference to CUSA play. . . in that we are bad. The good news is that we haven't played an offense this bad on the road yet. All the teams we've faced have averaged more than 22ppg. The worst? Texas.
  2. Hey guys. We are talking UTEP debacle. Live here. EDIT: New episode is up and ready for your ears. LINK IS HERE LINK IS HERE HERE IS LINK
  3. Come listen to me and just me talk about the game/ soccer meangreennation.com/live
  4. So some of this was written immediately after the game. Some of it was written later. All of it smells of frustration. Read it won't you? Also, we'll be doing the podcast tomorrow at 9am. Chat with us on the twitters and the MGN thread I'll open for it.
  5. I didn't get to podcast about it on Sunday. I finally stole a few moments to type at the Internet. Here are the results.
  6. Look who wrote a post on MGN http://meangreennation.com/mean-green-flurries/
  7. http://meangreennation.com/live/ Live now! Hey guys the recording is posted. Thanks for listening! Going forward we will try to do this regularly on Sunday mornings depending on schedules. Live! http://meangreennation.com/32-b1g-blowout/
  8. Hey guys this one is a combination of Greg's analysis and my own. Enjoy! THE BREAKDOWN: North Texas Mean Green VS Indiana Hoosiers
  9. Hey sports fans! Greg and I will be waking up earlier than is holy on a Saturday and podcasting about some Mean Green goodness. **10am** I'm trying to get Harry on the thing. PM'd him. You should listen. It will be accessible here: http://meangreenation.com/live Maybe you have some #HSOs? Then you probably want to know the MGN HotLine® number! That'd be (210) 701-0763.* MGN HotLine® is brought to you by the good folks at ReconKwista, Alarming folks since 2007. Listen live won't you? *It's a voicemail box and a text-message receptacle. Call or write in your #HSOs. Technologie, ya'll. *This took approximately 8 days to draft. I don't know how you do it Plumm.
  10. Imagine Dajon running these plays that we already have installed. http://meangreennation.com/ball-state-film-room/
  11. I usually like to wait a bit before writing these (poorly written, typo-laden) recaps. I couldn't because that was awful and I had lots of #HSOs. Here it be. Greg and I will be doing a podcast on Saturday sometime. Maybe in the evening. Who knows. I have to get another drink.
  12. http://meangreennation.com/smwho-north-texas-43-smu-6/ Quick thoughts on the game.
  13. Gify Gif Gif. Here are the three interceptions, and the horrible sack that pretty much did us in in that first half. http://meangreennation.com/mgn-film-room-texas
  14. Hey guys. We are broadcasting liiiiiiive from our respective living rooms. Tune in for unqualified sports talk from non-coaches too [insert adjective here] to go out and win BCS titles ourselves! http://meangreennation.com/live/ Thanks to all of you who listened live. The podcast is now posted and ready for non-live listening. http://meangreennation.com/30-awful-with-a-chance-of-sunshine
  15. If you haven't had enough of reading other people's venting you can venture on over to MGN to read me vent. Also passed along meaningless grades. http://meangreennation.com/where-is-the-pass-game-north-texas-7-texas-38/
  16. Hey. After you get done listening to the Barbershop Pod, listen to MGN 26 as Greg, Tony and I break down the players, talk schedule, and talk UTSA rivalry. MGN 26: New Haul of Recruits
  17. So Greg and I did another podcast ya'll. http://meangreennation.com/25/
  18. So I kinda need to talk about this game. Justin Brumit and I will get together and do a little podcast live from Denton. Join in with your rants and raves. @meangreennation. http://meangreennation.com/mgn-24-eliminated/
  19. There is still a ton to mention. I can't look at this anymore, though. Gonna talk about it on the podcast tomorrow. Doing it live on the internet. Join in if you can.
  20. Going to do this live. Edit -- it's over. Will be posted shortly. Thanks for listening.
  21. http://meangreennation.com/utsa-preview-qa-with-cooler-chronicles/ Talked with Jared in anticipation of the game.
  22. http://meangreennation.com/qa-with-minerrush-utep-blog/ Figured we could talk a little about this week's opponent. This post has been promoted to an article
  23. Breaking down some of the amazing run-stopping ability of the defense. In case you are wondering, I'm saving THE STAND for later. #GMG http://meangreennation.com/film-room-stopping-the-run/
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