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  1. 63: SMU Preview There it be. Greg called in via phone so pray for his phone bill.
  2. Latest and greatest. http://meangreennation.com/62/
  3. Mostly aimed at casuals. Here it be. Please let me know how wrong I am.
  4. 61: Summer Time Summer is for chillin' and rumination'
  5. Going to do a podcast tonight. Have you any questions? Leave them here. We'll answer them to the best of our ability (not so well). We will be talking about Seth Littrell's triple option.
  6. Oh man I am glad I didn't read the hot TAEKS about CH on here before podcasting today. In any case, we discuss the situation at length on the show, along with our HSOs on every position grouping, the coaches, and more. Thanks for listening y'all! LINK
  7. http://meangreennation.com/rocky-top-tennessee-ut-24-north-texas-0/ In lieu of a game recap, I wrote about the visit to Knox-Vegas, as one friend called it.
  8. Last night was fun for a few reasons. The win and subsequent internet time was one of them. I had some thoughts on the game and the offense and the defense and the special teams. Read them by going here!
  9. While watching the Marshall game this weekend, in a break between Hallo'een movie-time, I remembered that we play UTSA this week. We've never had a rival that is anything like I imagined one would be when I was a kid. When I agreed to be a Mean Green Fightin' Eagle upon entering college, I was slightly disappointed to learn that EA's series listed our 'rival' as (at various times) Arky St, NMState, MTSU. The latest iterations include SMU on that list. Anyway, they always say "throw the records out, all that matters is if you beat your rival" when talking about other schools so I figure we should play along. I leaned over and asked The Woman for reasons to hate* UTSA *sports hate, of course. In no particular order: - They gloated in our stadium - They are newer and think they are better; and maybe are better - They don't play on campus. Gross. - They have bandwagon fans while we have die-hard ones. Just look at this, we are bloggin' and 'boardin' about our 0-7 team. We are in it for the long-haul. - They are UT's little brother - Their mascot can't fly - I'll add to this the fact that our worst fans may be raycess, crass, boorish, annoying, and generally awful but gottdammit we are are funny. Funny goes a long way. Their worst twitter people are funny if you are a Rome Clone, twitter joke biter, Mr. Me-too, 7th grader. So not funny at all. Edit: They did troll the hell out of us with that Mangino tweet. So there's that.
  10. Going live right now http://meangreennation.com/live/
  11. So I had some time and made use of it by fiddling with my GIF machine. Also threw in some vines because 2015. http://meangreennation.com/offensive-discussion-ahead-of-utsa-game/
  12. Here is my longish immediate reaction. If you hate clicking links (i feel your pain) here are the essential points: 1. Wow, defensive improvement! 2. Wow, we got gashed early though. 3. Wow, Canales really should think about not using empty sets especially after the defense has it figured out. Blitz it and show blitz on it (a sack, an interception on two of the sets) 4. (Wow) MOAR Wilson please. He had only 17 carries but needs 25 at least. 5. Wow, feels like we abandoned the run too early in drives and that killed many a series. First option should be Wison, second should be Smith keepers on reads, third options should be PA passes. Every bad pass/drive killing combination of plays was a straight drop back or cute play call. 6. Wow, I feel good about this with reservations about our pass game. We can beat UTSA / UTEP with the 2nd-4th quarter versions of the defense, and a very heavy Wilson / running & play action-centric DaMarcus.
  13. Sure, tonight we will largely focus on the football team, but tonight we have a (pre-recorded) interview with Molly Grisham, CB for the soccer team. So tune in for that! We will record this thing live (meangreennation.com/live), but as always, it will be on iTunes later. Update -- You can find the link to the show here- -
  14. Live -- meangreennation.com/live
  15. I've had HSO brewing since about 21-0 yesterday. Greg and I will begin the show around 9:30. As always, it can be found here - > http://meangreennation.com/live
  16. Here is as best as I could encapsulate the era from memory, while watching Klinnsman lead our USMNT to another loss, and then after I saw Sicario (good movie). http://meangreennation.com/goodbye-dan-mccarney/ RV didn't do him many favors, but his fate was of his own making.
  17. Call in show recorded by live tomorrow morning. (210) 701-0763 Thsts the phone number. MeanGreenNation.com
  18. Last we'll discuss of this before looking at Iowa.  :(
  19. So in the spirit of any good post-game post-mortem call-in show, we'll be doing a podcast tomorrow morning and running some of the voicemails you leave. I got some good ones already. (210) 701-0763 --
  20. And Lo, on the 29th day of Augustus, we podcasted. Here be the link.
  21. So Greg and I jumped on the internet and podcasted again. Billy, which episode had the megaman intro? I vaguely remember doing that but I can't remember. Highlights include complaints about poorly written blog posts. link is here.
  22. Hey lady and gentlemen, we've podcasted. Here be the link.
  23. LIVE LIVE LIVE Re-using an old post because I don't want my content feed to just be me posting links to the live show.
  24. Hey guys. I know some of you here in SA will be attending the hotel "tailgate" to have mimosas. I'll be having a get together at 8am in the Alamodome parking lot in Lot B. Look for the MGN flag. White letters on a green field. Stop by. Drink my booze. Have some food. #GoMeanGreen #BeatUTSA
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