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  1. http://meangreennation.com/the-defense-under-troy-reffett/ I spent some time.
  2. http://meangreennation.com/75-2017-national-signing-day/ Special thanks to @Aldo who was forced to podcast against his will as I revoked his visa.
  3. 74: HOD Recap and Review Special thanks to @Aldo who required some convincing to leave his Miami / Bieber party boat to join me.
  4. http://meangreennation.com/hod-recap-nt-run-game/ NT had some success early but Army's linebackers blew up some plays at huge moments.
  5. http://meangreennation.com/hod-bowl-north-texas-pass-game/ There was some quality air-raiding going on. Army's corners could not match up with our WRs, so they played a soft zone. Morris had all day to find open guys. When they tried to match up, they were burned. Also, some quality screen action.
  6. http://meangreennation.com/north-texas-heart-of-dallas-bowl-army-triple-option/ We got scorched for 480 yards and here are some representative plays.
  7. http://meangreennation.com/73-recruiting-season/ Thanks to @Aldo for joining me, while sniffling. And to my kid, who yelled at one point. Also my dog, who growled.
  8. Who it is and sort of how it came to beeeeee Featuring: Earl Blaik ready to hoop. Not Featuring: A ton of West Point History because I do not want to feel INFERIOR Also mentioning: My HOOOOT Take on the academies falling off. Please continue about your day. It is friday. Please include your favorite holiday drink when responding to this post. T'anks.
  9. 72: Side Door Bowl Thanks to @Aldo for joining again.
  10. Podcast: http://meangreennation.com/71-one-win-away/ Recap: One Win Away: North Texas 29 Southern Miss 23 Thanks again to @Aldo for joining me on the show. He wanted to play with his kids, but I forced him into service.
  11. No Chance: NT 7 WKU 45 This is not a podcast.
  12. http://meangreennation.com/mgn-film-room-turnovers-vs-utsa/ I wrote this in a timely fashion but did not post the vids until today. You maybe could say I blew a 3-1 lead on this.
  13. 70: A Fine Mess My thanks to @Aldo for joining. Please power through the initial 40 seconds. We had to rerecord that part because of a bad mic.
  14. I got home, ate dinner, laughed with my family. When everyone went to sleep I watched SportsCenter and wrote about that game we lost. Quadruple Fine-overs: NT 17 UTSA 31 Please, future alumni and influential people in the realm of in-stadium event fun times, do not force a tifo on anyone. Tifo's should be organic, fun, spontaneous, and community driven. In a nutshell: Turnovers + inability to run inside. 70% of the latter was UTSA's DL. Turnovers were our fault. It was fun to hang out with some of you.
  15. http://meangreennation.com/north-texas-vs-utsa-10-29-16-preview/ I got some brandy, sat in a comfy chair and began writing things about this game.
  16. http://meangreennation.com/69-seven-turnover-army/ We podcasted once more.
  17. So we are at the bye and that means it is a good time to play a very stupid, overdone game: pick midseason award winners. So let's: Best QB: Best QB Nickname: Best Offensive Player: Best Defensive Player: Most Surprising Off Player: Most Suprising Def Player: Best Tweet: Best article: Best Administrator: Best AD: Write in: Best confirmation of a point you made: Best messageboarder: Trolliest Troll: Fave CSC person: Schadenfreude moment of the half-season:
  18. http://meangreennation.com/68-marshall-destruction-plan/ Flying solo. So much room.
  19. http://meangreennation.com/mgn-film-room-the-drive/ There was some luck involved on this drive. I'd rather be lucky than good. If that Rice DB comes up with an INT I don't know that there is a win for us to feel good about and everything is completely turned.
  20. http://meangreennation.com/67-comeback/ S/O to @Aldo who joined me for this week's episode.
  21. http://meangreennation.com/66-dirty-swamp/ As promised, @Mean_Green09 woke up early on Sunday and discussed our favorite little football team.
  22. http://meangreennation.com/65-feels-good/ everything is a little better after a mean green win.
  23. I realize most of you are listening to the GMG pod. This is for when you are done listening to that. http://meangreennation.com/64-better-decisions/ Thanks
  24. Familiar Things: NT 21 SMU 34 I think we all noticed some of the same things. Morris was iffy, the defense allowed big plays, that 3rd and 45 was a gut punch. Of all those I was surprised at _how_ iffy Morris was. I figured he'd toss and interception or two, but not three of the same time in the first half. I also didn't expect him to miss so many wide open guys. Football aside, it was great to see old friends and drink way more than is medically advised and all of the good feelings such adventures gave me.
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