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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy and Go Mean Green! First-time poster on here, long-time lurker! There's been many a time this user could've come on here to share in speculation, asking questions, rooting, following along, and even outright 'educating' some of the users on here, of whom this user believes are trolls that should've been banned long ago and, curiously enough, have not been, but, this user bit their tongue for whatever reason and never really committed to fully signing up, until now. Perhaps it was for the best, as this prospective poster would've been on here too much and too long for this poster's personal health to take, and maturing more was called for first-of-all. Anyways, this user was just listening to a recent episode of 'The Solid Verbal' podcast (https://www.solidverbal.com/episodes/the-state-of-amateurism-the-future-of-nil-and-ea-sports-college-football-with-matt-brown/), and the guest being interviewed expounded upon the fact that the 'spiritual successor' (to borrow a phrase used in video game production) to the NCAAF game franchise, to be known as 'EA Sports College Football', is underway and won't be out until before the following season. It's also speculated that it's mainly delayed now for technical purposes, as opposed to any other reason, and more people having PS5s next year is a factor in this. They are being discussed as hopeful to have as an authentic a 'first impression' as possible, to the point of wanting to have select chants, dances, songs not even all of university origins, and mascot actions unique to as many schools as possible, and this listener had a thought that was the final impetus for bringing this user to this forum at long last: That there would be individuals who either are connected outright with the program on this forum that see this, or there would be at least one user that frequents this forum that knows someone who is a part of the program and this user was hopeful that such an individual or group of people otherwise could petition the producers of the upcoming college football video game -- if not having already -- to include such things, such traditions, that the producers would otherwise not know, for mutual benefit! For example, if someone could fill in someone connected to the production of the video game that the Mean Green fans have a cannon, one of the few left in college football, and could tell them when and how it goes off, how fans take out key-rings and chant 'warm up the bus' when ahead late in games, or by a wide margin, when the 'fight song' goes off, quarter-wise, and even...or perhaps quite specifically...that the fans like to add 'MF'N' in-between the university's acronym and former team name/animal mascot when said fight song is being sung! Whether or not the actual word in-question is used in the background could be debated as background noise is kind of a 'gray area' and this user could point to many a franchise in many a form of entertainment media where something 'above' a given demographic rating board would slip through and still be on final prints, despite having a 'lower' rating tag attached to it for decades as precedent (from 'Bad News Bears' to music videos on YouTube filmed on the beaches of Europe or of Marilyn Manson). If it needed to be 'bleeped' out, that's okay, as long as the idea gets across because it's a sort of 'unofficial official' homage to the program's fan base for authenticity purposes. This user also wanted to get the ball rolling on any other suggestions that could be pooled from other posters on here of what could be included that happens during game-days, in the stadium, that paints the program in a non-negative light (so please no snarky comments referencing the last however many times something has gone awry with the on-field performance) as this user would like 'highlights'....not 'low-lights', as the goal to to try and 'sell' inclusion, 'grass-roots-style', from the ground up, to the masses, which could pay dividends in the form of future recruits talented enough to bring a higher degree of success, more frequently, to the program and fans alike! Thanks for reading and for any helpful comments. Here's to a better season ahead and good times had! Peace, Luv, and Anarchy, and, again, Go Mean Green!
  2. Looks like the judge is going to allow the players lawsuit to go forward. EA Sports was saying that they could use the players likeness due to 1st amendment rights...hogwash -- it was GREED!! But the problem is the NCAA doesn't allow them to get paid!! Norm said this could be a HUGE financial windfall for the players and the NCAA is already separated from EA... could get UGLY!
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