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  1. This is like asking if I'm cheering for the "Green" team or the "White" team during the spring game. Join the Mean Green Club Buy season tickets GO MEAN GREEN
  2. I'm not a pro football fan, but I'm very pleased with Brad's success in the NFL. Does anyone know if Brad sends any money back to NT ? I would like to think that NFL players try to give back to their schools. Join the Mean Green Club Buy season tickets GO MEAN GREEN
  3. Gentlemen. Start your flaming... I am opposed to retiring numbers. I think we should expect great things from our athletes, and unless or until one of our players wins the Heisman Trophy, I think we belittle our program by retiring jersey numbers. Join the Mean Green Club Buy season tickets GO MEAN GREEN (didn't Abner Haynes wear #28 ?)
  4. tag line "Texas...North Texas" (stolen from Emmitt) GO MEAN GREEN
  5. rick told me that the helmet color would probably stay the same. The script would be gone and would be replaced with one of the new wordmarks. He didn't seem giddy, but somewhat resigned to accept what was given us. I told him we were glad he was here. GO MEAN GREEN
  6. Call me naive, but Rick V. is making plenty of money here. I'm convinced that after a certain amount of money, doing a good job becomes the number one goal. I think Rick's objective here is to build a new stadium. I think he'll be here until that job is completed. GO MEAN GREEN
  7. Plumm- I hope the Baylor Women go all the way. I always (try) to cheer for teams that I think we might see the next season or so. I hope they win the National Championship and that we play the defending Nat. Champs and beat them. I also always root for the American League during the Series and if I can muster the interest, the NFC and/or NFC East during the playoffs. GO MEAN GREEN-Beat them Bears whenever .
  8. If Shawnson were to make it to the NBA, do you think he would list his college as NT ? He was only here part of one season and came here from LSU (I think). I'd love to see "North Texas" next to a name in a NBA program. GO MEAN GREEN
  9. He was listed as a senior but only with high school experience. Did he transfer in or just not play football for his first three or four years ? GO MEAN GREEN
  10. Johnny told me that his folks were spliting up and he felt he needed to be close to the house. He's from Metarie, LA. GO MEAN GREEN
  11. Sweatshirt seems to be a funny word now. I remember when a sweatshirt was always grey and it was worn to, yep, sweat ! I wear one now to keep warm. We should come up with a better name. GO MEAN GREEN
  12. 4,000 fans sound like ten thousand at the Super Pit. I'd love to get that many NT fans for a game sometime. I recall how teams hated to come to the old Men's Gym (now the Ken Bahnsen Gym) back in the 60s. We could do it again. But YOU have to come for us to do it. GO MEAN GREEN
  13. That's too bad. But with 1,357 fans, I bet they outdrew us tonight (vs UTPB). GO (to the games)MEAN GREEN
  14. Speaking of signs, how about one that the Cheerleaders could hold up to help the crowd sing the "correct" words to the fight song ? Come to think of it, it might not even require a new sign, just re-arranging the signs we already have. GO MEAN GREEN
  15. John-The Chamber of Commerce mixer you speak of is the first home game this year. Seems like this decade. Jan 20, vs. UALR. They're suppose to have several drawings (according to my invite). Perhaps they could be held during timeouts during the game. That's a great story about your friend Mr. Kenney. I'm sure that there was traffic at the Ali-Fraiser fight.. But which NT game was/has ever been so crowded that one couldn't go 60 miles out of the parking lot and not have to slow down ? And what's so damn interesting that these people got to get home for ? GO MEAN GREEN
  16. BandGeek-I've noticed the post halftime stampede of the PIP (players in progress) also. Perhaps if, in the future, the Athletic Dept. had them put on a post game show as well. Or maybe 2 half court games after the final period. This is not limited to PIP kids and parents. Watch the people that sing the National Anthem. Most of the time he/she/they will leave before the players are ready for tipoff. I have some friends that sit in front of me. They've been there for years. They always leave with about 7-8 minutes left. To "avoid the crowd" they say. I've never known what they were so anxious to get away for. GO MEAN GREEN
  17. Thanks SUMG-But the question I was really asking is, were we out of players ? There some rule I'm not familar with ? Or did our Coach just not count correctly ? Did somebody screw up ? GO MEAN GREEN
  18. Lucy -- 'splain this to me . How is it that we only had FOUR players on the floor after the timeout ?
  19. I just looked (12-29-04 12:06 pm) and we're # 52. GO MEAN GREEN
  20. I hate it when I invite someone to go to Fouts to watch NT. "Who are they palying ?" What difference does it make. Come and see NT play. If someone CAN'T go to New Orleans, well then they can't. But if they can and DON'T, well we've already got plenty of those kind of "fans." GO TO NEW ORLEANS GO MEAN GREEN
  21. Your season basketball tickets are included with your season football tickets. Uh, you DID get season football tickets didn't you ? GO MEAN GREEN
  22. Too bad he didn't learn to spell "alma mater" while he was here. My freshman English prof. Dr. Burns would have whipped our ass if we had made such a mistake. I was afraid of that woman from the first day of class, but I can spell. GO MEAN GREEN
  23. I closed the store early to get to the game on time. As I was leaving, a couple came in and asked for a repair I chose to do on the spot. Now, in more of a hurry, I left forgetting the 12 inch wrench I had stuck in my pocket. And I didn't think about it until I heard "no outside water" in line to get in Fouts. I stuck my bottle in my pocket, only to find that wrench. No one said a word. Now it was a wrench and not a gun, but I couldn't help but laugh that people were being asked to dispose of water when I brought in a hunk of steel. On a side note, I was able to adjust the gears on RV's bicycle at halftime. GO MEAN GREEN and hurry
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